Antec Minuet 350 review

Alan Lu
24 Feb 2009
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Antec's Minuet 350 is a sleek and attractive micro-ATX case that will look good in an office or living room.

It's compact, measuring just 100x325x430mm when laid flat, and comes with a stand so you can prop it on its side to save space. We found no sharp, unfinished edges anywhere in the case.

Unlike most cases, the Minuet 350 comes without any brass standoffs for raising the motherboard off the back panel. While the manual instructs you to use standoffs, the case has several raised metal domes to which you can screw your microATX board directly. This makes positioning the board remarkably simple.

The drive cages can be hinged upwards or lifted out, making it easy to install a motherboard. As the case is small, you have to install low-profile expansion cards. It has one internal and one external 3?in bay and a 5?in external bay for an optical drive, as well as two USB and one eSATA port.

The Minuet 350 is one of just two cases here to come with a built-in power supply. The Antec 350W supply should be enough for most mini-PC configurations. It has three Molex and two SATA connectors but no PCI-E connector, so you can only use mid-range graphics cards. That said, there's no room inside for a powerful graphics card.

Considering it comes with a power supply, the Minuet 350 is excellent value whether you want to build a small office PC or a media centre for the living room.


Casemini PC


USB ports2
Total Firewire ports0
Total eSATA ports1
Headphone portyes
Microphone portyes


Internal Drive bays 3 1/2in1
5.25in drive bays1
Fan mounts1x 80mm
Fans supplied1x 80mm


Supplied PSUyes
Standardmicro ATX
Fans1x 80mm bottom
Power supply wattage350W
Molex connectors3
Floppy disk power connectors1
SATA power connectors2
PCI-E power connectors0
Motherboard connector24-pin
4-pin CPU power connectors1
8-pin CPU power connectors0

Buying Information

Warrantythree years RTB

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