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How a 2-in-1 makes downtime more fun

Who said a 2-in-1 was all about work? When you’ve got downtime, the perfect convertible can help you get the most out of a lazy evening

Tablets started out as a quick and easy way to browse the internet and watch a video, without having to get out your laptop. After all, a tablet’s form factor made it much more comfortable to use when lazing in bed, sitting on a sofa or just out in the garden. For a while, it seemed as though the goal had been achieved, but my more recent experiences have shown that tablets aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. For me, the biggest problem is when I inevitably stumble upon a website that just refuses to work with a mobile browser. The second issue is when I need to enter a lot of text, such as when filling out an online form, and an onscreen keyboard just won’t cut it.

As such, I now use a traditional tablet far less than I used to, to the point where it’s not even kept charged all of the time. The question is, can a 2-in-1 such as the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S really change things and do a tablet-only job, better than a tablet? Here’s what I found.

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It’s always got a charge

Using the Galaxy TabPro S as my only computer means it’s the one device (aside from my phone) that’s charged and ready to go at every second. It’s not something I have to remember to do; it’s something that’s essential. And, as the TabPro S is my main computer, I tend to have it near me all of the time.

There’s a proper browser

Full Windows 10 means that the TabPro S runs full browsers with no limitations, both in Desktop and Tablet modes. Searching the net and browsing websites proves no different on the TabPro S than on a dedicated tablet running a mobile operating system, bar one important thing: every site works.

If a site isn’t designed to run properly on a mobile device, I don’t care – it will still run on the TabPro S. Since switching to the 2-in-1, I haven’t found a single site that doesn’t work on it. There’s a greater range of extensions and plugins, too, which you just don’t get on tablets. For example, Grammarly is a fantastic spell- and grammar-checking app, but it’s only available for desktop browsers.

Then there’s a matter of doing something a little more complex. Recently, I had to fill out a travel visa application, which involved uploading photos and travel documents. With a full operating system behind me, it was easy on the TabPro S. Just try and do the same task on a tablet without a proper file manager.

When it came to entering all of the text for the application, I had a second advantage: I could clip on the keyboard and type normally. This is something most tablet owners simply can’t do.

Video looks incredible on this tablet

I watch a lot of video on a tablet, from catch-up TV to YouTube and Netflix. Running Windows 10 means all of these services are still available. In fact, I can watch more video, as I can simply use a browser where no app is available.

Not only that, but video largely looks better on the TabPro S than on many tablets, thanks to its sAMOLED display. With sAMOLED, each pixel is self-illuminating and can be entirely turned off, making for inky blacks and vibrant colours. Whether it’s the latest TV series or a film, I found the TabPro S made everything look fantastic.

Importantly, viewing angles are superb, so I could stand the tablet up and see the screen clearly from anywhere in a room.

Given that I had the TabPro S while the Olympics were on, it meant that I could keep watching the action from everywhere, from the kitchen to outside in the garden.

Sound quality is excellent

Tablet speakers are usually a tinny affair: fine for a bit of video when you’re sitting close to the screen, but awful if you want to watch TV or a film from distance. Thankfully, Samsung has seen fit to kit out the TabPro S with a pair of decent stereo speakers, one mounted either side of the screen. They’re bright and loud, and they produce a surprising amount of bass.

On a recent trip, I didn’t even bother with the hotel’s TV – I just downloaded loads of content before I left and used the tablet to watch everything. I didn’t once wish for a pair of external speakers.

Multitasking lets me do everything

Tablet multitasking is a hatchet job at best, with fiddly controls and plenty of limitations. Not so with the TabPro S, because Windows 10 is a proper operating system with full-on multitasking. That might not sound that useful for downtime, but I found it particularly helpful.

I love to cook, often grabbing recipes from a website. With the TabPro S, I could just put the recipe on one side of the screen and video on the other side, using a light touch to scroll through the recipe as I needed.


It doesn’t make much sense to have a separate tablet when you have a 2-in-1 device such as the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Compared to a dedicated tablet, the TabPro S provides a better web-browsing experience, while video and audio are the equal of the best tablets.

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