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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus: Which flagship phablet should you buy?

We compare the features, specs and prices of Samsung’s latest flagship handsets so you don’t have to

So, you want to know the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. Lucky you. Samsung’s newest smartphone/tablet hybrid is elegant, stylish and effortlessly powerful, sandwiching cutting-edge internals between a massive display and a captivating pearlescent rear panel.

It also costs a small fortune, which is why it’s so important to choose the right one. Normally this would be pretty straightforward – after all, this is the first year Samsung has released two Note models. Under the circumstances, however, we’ve decided to make your life a little simpler; here’s a comprehensive guide to the key differences between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus: Design

Let’s start with what the phones look like, shall we? Samsung’s new Note 10 phablets are similar in both size and shape. The Note 10’s screen measures 6.3in from corner to corner, while the Note 10 Plus stretches to 6.8in. The Note 10 Plus has an impressive 95% body-to-screen ratio, where the Note 10 settles for 93.2%. Both handsets are a meagre 7.9mm slim.

Honestly, there are only a few ways you’ll be able to tell the handsets apart without being able to compare the size. The display on the Note 10 Plus stretches further into the corners of the phone’s front panel but otherwise, both handsets boast the same sharp-edged shape and shiny rear panel.

Flip the devices over, however, and you’ll find a dead giveaway: the Note 10 Plus has an added Time of Flight (ToF) rear camera sensor below the flash, for depth-mapping duties. Like so:

Both handsets come in the same lovely array of colours, but only two are available in the UK: Aura Glow and Aura Black.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus: Specs

Rather than bore you with copious amounts of prose, we thought we’d rather show a handy table highlighting and comparing the key specifications for both handsets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
ProcessorOcta-core Exynos 9825/Snapdragon 855+Octa-core Exynos 9825/Snapdragon 855+
Storage256GB (no microSD expansion)256GB (microSD expansion up to 1TB)
Display6.3in Full HD+ 2,280 x 1,080 Dynamic AMOLED6.8in Quad HD+ 3,040 x 1,440 Dynamic AMOLED
Rear camera16MP (f/2.2), 12MP (f/1.5, f/2.4), 12MP (f/2.1)16MP (f/2.2), 12MP (f/1.5, f/2.4), 12MP (f/2.1), VGA (depth)
Front camera10MP (f/2.2)10MP (f/2.2)

The specifications for both phones tell an interesting story. From a performance perspective, these handsets are fundamentally no different; sure, the Note 10 Plus might have 12GB RAM, but you’re unlikely to find a scenario where that makes the difference over a very respectable 8GB.

In almost every other area, however, the Note 10 Plus comes out on top, with a bigger battery, better display and slightly more interesting rear camera. Of course, those excellent perks come at a price, as we’ll soon find out.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus: Features

Both the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus share the same upgraded S Pen with ‘Air Actions’ for hands-free smartphone navigation. Both are IP68 rated for water and dust resistance, and both have swapped the physical fingerprint sensor for an in-display version, just like we first saw with the Galaxy S10.

Neither has a 3.5mm headphone jack (boo) but on the plus side, the dedicated Bixby button is finally no more. In addition, both handsets offer the same PowerShare technology as their regular-sized Galaxy S10 siblings, meaning you can charge compatible products simply by placing them on the back of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus: Price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 starts and ends at £869 – you only have the one storage option. The same applies to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, except in this instance, the price begins at £999; if you want a 5G-ready Note 10 Plus, you’ll need to shell out an extra £100, bringing the total to an eye-watering £1,099.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus: Verdict

Obviously, neither one of these handsets are cheap, so don’t expect us to offer our recommendations on price. Honestly, if you have £1,000 to spare, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is shaping up to be Samsung’s best handset to date, and certainly the best phone on the market currently. It’s a no-expense-spared monstrosity with every luxury you could ever wish for, but to be blunt, that’s precisely what you want from a Galaxy Note phablet, isn’t it?

If you’re hoping to save a bit of cash and you absolutely HAVE to own one of Samsung’s new Notes, then frankly you’re being rather daft, but of course you ought to pick up a regular Note 10. However, our favourite – by quite some margin – remains the Note 10 Plus at this early stage.

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