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Samsung Galaxy S21 in INSANE unlimited data Black Friday deal

The unbeatable Samsung Galaxy S21 is staggeringly cheap this black Friday

If you’re after a new smartphone, then the handset that sits at the very top of our guide to the best phones of 2021 is probably a good place to start. The Samsung Galaxy S21 ticks pretty much every box, even if the S22 is likely only a few months away.

The best contract deal we’ve found so far comes via Vodafone and gives you the Galaxy S21 handset, plus unlimited calls, texts and 5G data for just £30 per month. That adds up to a cost of £721 over the lifetime of the contract, though do note that this is a cashback deal, where you need to claim money back — otherwise it’s a slightly less competitive £40 a month. You’ll have to scroll a bit to find it.

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Assuming you don’t mind jumping through those cashback hoops, this deal is pretty hard to beat. For context, the cheapest we’ve seen the phone on its own is for £621 from Amazon. Combine that with the current best unlimited data SIM deal from — £192 for 24 months after cashback — and you’re looking at a total of £812: a far worse deal than this.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is, of course, a damned fine phone in its own right, offering super speed, a brilliant screen and one of the best cameras around. 

There are, as Senior Editor Nathan Spendelow observed in his review, only minor drawbacks. “The decision to remove the microSD slot and bundled charger are the only blots on the landscape; otherwise, the Galaxy S21 represents another sublime flagship offering from Samsung,” he wrote. “If you can live without both these things there’s no doubt the Galaxy S21 will be a brilliant sidekick for whatever 2021 decides to throw at you.”

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is likely just around the corner. But you can bet it’ll cost you a whole lot more than this when it arrives.

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