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Amazon’s Blink Mini 2 security camera arrives in UK – but the price is going up

Blink Mini 2 camera on an oak side table

The Blink Mini 2 arrives with a selection of choice upgrades to help justify a £10 price hike

I’ve long been a fan of Amazon’s Blink Mini indoor security camera, principally for its low price, but also because it’s effective and easy to use. So when Amazon dropped a news release announcing the Blink Mini 2 was coming to the UK (it was first unveiled in the US in March 2024) but the price was going up – from £25 to £35 – I was a bit disappointed.

Still, £35 isn’t a huge amount to spend on a smart, internet-connected security device – it’s still cheaper than our current favourite, the Yale Smart Indoor Camera, and £35 is the same price the original Blink Mini launched at back in 2020.

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Amazon has also introduced several upgrades, making this camera at least as good value as it was before, if not more so.

So what’s new? The main upgrade is that the Blink Mini 2 is no longer just an indoor camera. It’s now also “weather resistant” (although Amazon doesn’t quote an IP rating), so you can mount it outside in the wind and rain. You’ll have to buy the weather-resistant power adapter if you want to use it like that, however, because the camera isn’t battery-powered. That brings the price up to £45 for the whole bundle – still pretty reasonable.

Blink Mini 2 mounted on a blue wall, beaded with rain water

On top of that, the Mini 2 now comes with an LED security light for colour night vision, and the design of the thing is a lot nicer, too, with smoother edges and corners making for a much less cheap-looking device than before.

In addition, the camera can record video with a significantly wider field of view: 163° vs 110°. And you can even use a Blink Mini 2 as a doorbell chime for the Blink Video doorbell.

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The rest of the specifications look similar. The Blink Mini 2 records motion-triggered video clips at 1080p and up to 30fps, just as the original did and there’s two-way audio. Plus, as with all Blink security products, you can store motion-triggered video clips in local storage – as long as you own a Blink Sync Module 2 (£35). If you want advanced person motion detection, though, you’ll have to pay monthly for the cloud video clip storage subscription which starts at £2.50 per month for a single device.

The Blink Mini 2 is available from 30 April and we’ll review it just as soon as Amazon sends us one in the post. From the specifications, though, it looks like it’s a no-brainer.

Blink Mini 2 home security camera mounted on outside wall with LED light enabled


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