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SilverStone SST-TS10 review

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Transfer speeds could be better, but a bargain if you want to house a 7mm drive

The SilverStone SST-TS10 is a slim USB3 hard disk enclosure that supports 7mm drives only. It’s coloured a discreet black, and has a USB3 port on one side. Installing disks is easy because you simply have to unscrew one end and insert a hard disk or SSD into it then re-attach that end. However, the miniscule screws are fiddly to screw back in place. As that’s a task you’ll probably only have to perform once, that’s not much of a problem.

SilverStone SST-TS10

We tested the SST-TS10 with an OCZ Vertex 460 SSD, and in our storage benchmarks this combination wrote large files at 206MB/s and read large files at 228.MB/s. Small files were written at 10.4MB/s and read at 41.4MB/s. This is certainly much lower than we’d expect the SSD to perform when connected to a SATA3 port, and we’d expect that to be the case.

However, these speeds are also slower than those seen when we used the same SSD with the SilverStone SST-EP02, where we saw large write speeds of 218.4MB/s, large file reads of 223.6MB/s, small file write speeds of 75.1MB/s and small file read speeds of 66.6MB/s. Of course, the SST-EP02 is just a SATA3 to USB3 connector, not an enclosure, but we’d expect to see similar speeds.

SilverStone SST-TS10 USB Port

We wouldn’t buy an SSD to use with the SST-TS10, but if you have a redundant 7mm hard disk or SSD lying around, and you want to make use of it, then for the sake of £11 the SilverStone SST-TS10 is a good buy.


Price £11
Rating ****

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