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Eight reasons to upgrade to Sonos Era and take your home audio to the next level

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Whether you want to improve your home cinema or listen to music with pristine clarity, Sonos’ new speakers are for you

Sonos is one of the biggest names in home audio – it was the brand that pioneered multi-room speaker setups long before the likes of Apple or Google joined the fray and its latest offerings prove that it’s still leading the way. Whether you’re looking to enhance your TV’s sound with immersive spatial audio, or simply want to hear your music with unprecedented clarity, the company’s new Era 100 and Era 300 speakers are equipped with everything you need, from Dolby Atmos support to voice control.

The company’s newest speakers are attracting rave reviews across the board. Whether you already have an extensive Sonos setup you want to grow, or you’re yet to hear the audio fidelity of the company’s hardware, you’ll definitely want to find out what they’re capable of.

Here are eight reasons why you need the Sonos Era 100 or Era 300 speakers in your home

1. Over 20 years of sound expertise

Founded in 2002, Sonos has long established itself as one of the top names in home audio. Developed by music lovers with a shared vision for simple, elegant, multi-room audio, the Sonos badge is a sign of quality that millions of customers trust every day.

2. Superior sound quality, tuned by experts

Whether you pick the Era 100 or Era 300, you’re getting a product that simply sounds amazing. Sonos has worked with its community of artists and creators to ensure the sound is as true to the music as possible.

The Era 100 has two tweeters that fire crisp high frequencies left and right, and a large midwoofer that supplies more bass than you would expect from such a compact speaker (measuring at just 7.18in high and 4.72in across).

3. Take your sound to the next level with spatial audio

The Era 300, meanwhile, takes things further with room-filling Dolby Atmos or spatial audio. If you’re yet to experience this, it’s designed to give audio more depth and spaciousness, to make you feel as though you’re in the room with the performer and allow you to hear even familiar classics like never before.

Four tweeters give you immaculately reproduced high and mid-range frequencies, while a pair of woofers ensure that the low notes are given the same loving attention. The clever positioning of these speakers allows the Era 300 to fire sound in all directions – even upwards, to reflect sound off the ceiling for absolute immersion in Dolby Atmos content.

4. For music obsessives and cinephiles

Alongside the superb audio fidelity, Sonos’ secret weapon is its versatility, with speakers capable of standing alone or becoming part of a larger audio setup.

In the case of the Era 100, this means you can use a pair as rear speakers in tandem with Sonos’ Arc, Beam or Ray soundbars to create a surround sound experience for your movies or box sets.

And you can create an even more impressive-sounding setup by using a pair of Era speakers alongside the Arc or second-generation Beam soundbars. With Dolby Atmos-supported movies, the Era 300 creates a phenomenally immersive soundscape as the film’s soundtrack surrounds you from all angles.

5. Automatically optimised for your space

Audiophiles love to painstakingly optimise their hi-fi setups by moving their speakers and seat to the millimetre-perfect spot in the room that sounds best.

Sonos takes a different and more elegant approach: its TruePlay optimisation automatically tunes your speakers to adapt to the acoustics of your room, letting you put your speakers where you want while enjoying pitch-perfect sound wherever you sit.

6. All the connectivity you could wish for

Sonos knows that its users run the full gamut from those who like the convenience of streaming platforms to others who want to add superior sound quality to their old-school turntable.

As such, connectivity isn’t a problem. Both the Era 100 and Era 300 speakers support Bluetooth for convenience, Wi-Fi for the best possible wireless sound quality and analogue line-in with an additional, inexpensive, USB-C adapter. You can even control your music with the power of your voice, via Alexa, Google Assistant or Sonos’ own voice control system.

7. Built with sustainability in mind

Both the Era 100 and 300 are made with recycled plastic and packaged in 100% sustainably sourced paper, making them considerably better for the planet than other audio hardware. The speakers are also designed to be serviced more easily with reduced use of adhesives and the introduction of screws for easy repair.

But Sonos’ eco features don’t stop there. The company has managed to reduce power consumption to just two watts when idle and has also added a new sleep function to minimise power draw without impacting convenience.

8. An audio setup that grows with you

One of the best things about Sonos products is how they work with one another to provide seamless audio throughout your home.

We’ve already seen how a pair of Era speakers connected to a Sonos soundbar can add surround sound to your movie night, but Sonos’ multi-room talents can spread music from room to room, too. You can group multiple rooms and speakers together so that you can walk around your home without missing a beat, and everything is neatly controllable via the Sonos app.

Buy a Sonos Era speaker today

With incredible sound, multi-room flexibility and expandability built in, Sonos has always been a brilliant way to power your home’s audio setup. The Era 100 and Era 300 speakers continue that tradition and bring it elegantly into a new era – the only question is which model you want and how many you need.

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