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Expert Reviews – Best of CES 2014 – Award Winners

Expert Reviews - Best of CES 2014

The best of the best from the International CES 2014 show in Las Vegas

International CES 2014 has been a brilliant show, with enough great new devices, exciting emerging technologies and quirky gadgets to satisfy even our huge appetite for technology. Now the week is drawing to a close we’ve sat down and pick our favourites from the show floor here in Las Vegas.

The winners include both far-reaching announcements that could change the way we live our lives one day, and devices that you’ll be able to buy in just a few short weeks, and which should prove worthy of your time and money.

So without further to-do here are our Expert Reviews Best of CES 2014 award winners:

Best Innovation

Intel Edison
Intel has announced Edison, an x86-compatible, SD card-sized computer with built-in Wi-Fi that it hopes will bring genuinely useful wearable technology closer than ever to reality. It’s amazing to behold a computer this small, and it could have numerous uses, by being integrated into everyday items such as baby monitors, home automation and of course wearable computing devices. it’s an amazing technical achievement and one that should bring an ‘internet of things’ a big step closer to our everyday lives.
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Best TV

Philips Android Smart TV Platform
Philips has switched to Android for its Smart TV platform and provided full access to the Google Play store. That means you can download and install any app you want to your TV, whether it be Netflix or some obscure game that you love. It runs on Android 4.2 and will soon support multiple user accounts, so everyone in your home can have their own apps, emails and browser favourites on the TV. It’s a brilliant idea and one that other manufacturers are reluctant to follow as it means giving up much of the revenues they enjoy through selling content via they’re own TV portals. Philips is on to a winner here.
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Best Phone

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Buying a smaller smartphone has, of late, meant accepting a lesser specification too, with only the giant flagship models having the faster chipsets and best cameras. The Z1 Compact bucks that trend, packing all the tech from the Z1 into a compact little phone with a super-fast Snapdragon chipset and a brilliant camera. it’s a refreshing change from other manufacturer’s approach to smaller handsets and we applaud it here.
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Best Tablet

Samsung Galaxy TabPro 12.2
At the other end of the scale, Samsung has done brilliantly out of its super-sized Note range of phablets, which genuinely feel more useful than typical smartphones. It’s now taken the same approach to its tablets with the super-sized TabPro and its 12.2in display. This giant Android tablet makes a lot of sense, especially when you add in the slick multi-window support which lets you work and play at the same time. It’s the best Android tablet we’ve seen to date and we can’t wait to get our hands on for a full review.
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Best Camera

Sony A5000
Sony has consistently innovated with its camera range over the last couple of years. It has produced brilliant CSCs, incredible premium compacts and also continued with its unique translucent mirror SLRs. It’s now rebranded its NEX CSCs into its Alpha range, and though the name has changed, the cameras look as good as ever, and with consistently excellent results, we bet the Sony A5000 will be another winner.
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Car Tech

Google Open Automotive Alliance
Google has partnered with a number of car manufacturers to brings its Android operating system into consumer vehicles, forming the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). Working with Audi, General Motors, Hondo and Hyundai, Android is set to appear in cars soon. This will mean that manufacturers won’t have to develop proprietary systems and consumers are guaranteed better support and a better ongoing range of apps. It’s a big step forward in bringing car-based computing bang-up-to-date with pocket-based computing.
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In addition we have also picked five other winners that also impressed us at this year’s show:

Netflix Ultra HD
Lenovo MIIX 2
Samsung NX30
Huawei Ascend Mate 2
Nikon D3300

Congratulations to all our winners and we look forward to bringing you further coverage and reviews of all these fantastic items throughout the year.

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