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Samsung Navibot CornerClean review

Samsung Navibot CornerClean

We watch Samsung's latest suck it up

We got to see Samsung’s new robotic vacuum cleaner in action yesterday, and with numerous upgrades over the previous model, it looks to be just the thing for those who need some help around the home. The new Samsung Navibot CornerClean (VR10F71) is smaller, has a longer reach and learns quicker too. All of this should mean it does a better job, leaving very few awkward bits for you to touch up yourself.

Samsung Navibot CornerClean

Sleeker and smarter, the new Navibot also comes in two colours

At only 80mm high, the Navibot CornerClean should be able to get under a lot of sofas and other low furniture, so that should save you the trouble of getting down on your knees to deal with these areas. Though of course you’ll need to keep them clear of tat.

As its name suggests, corners shouldn’t be tricky either. If it senses a corner the rotating brushes extend on small arms so that it can reach right into it the space that it couldn’t usually reach. It looks impressive though the dust does then need to be flicked back a long way before being sucked up, so we’ll need to test it ourselves before making a judgement.

Inside is a new pair of processors, making this the smartest vacuum yet. In practical terms that should mean it will react quicker and more smoothly to obstacles and build up an accurate map of your house quicker. A camera on the top of the device maps your ceiling at 15fps at all times, allowing the Navibot to use this as an accurate guide to its position.

Samsung Navibot CornerClean

Here you can see the ceiling scanning camera

Other sensors can now detect build ups of dirt, allowing the Navibot to concentrate its efforts on dirtier areas, going over them repeatedly until it’s satisfied. It has a claimed 3-hour battery life, and this will easily allow it to complete a full vacuum of most homes before returning to its base for charging. A Max Clean mode makes the Navibot vacuum continuously until its battery is drained.

The Samsung Navibot CornerClean comes with two virtual guard devices, allowing you to block off areas you don’t want disturbed. There’s a reasonably sized 0.5L capacity for dust, and it can detect drops to keep itself safe near stairs. It should be available around May with an estimated retail price of £600 [Updated, after we erroneously listed this as £329]. We’re really looking forward to a long-term test, and a long-term break from the chore of vacuuming.

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