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Latest PC cases

Xigmatek Pantheon
Xigmatek Pantheon review
PC cases

It has some useful features, but the plain design and questionable cooling potential can’t match other cases.

£82 inc VAT
Zalman Z7 Plus
Zalman Z7 Plus review
PC cases

With plenty of space and great airflow, the Z7 is an excellent entry-level case that holds its own against more expensive models.

£55 inc VAT
Corsair 600T Graphite interior
Corsair 600T Graphite review
PC cases

Cooling options are limited, but the 600T is still a great case with masses of room for even the most powerful of PCs.

£129 inc VAT
Fractal Design R3 interior
Fractal Design R3 review
PC cases

The R3 is a worthy successor to the old model, improving it with much better cable management and quieter fans.

£92 inc VAT
Zotac Zbox HD-ID40-U
Zotac Zbox HD-ID40-U review
PC cases

A well-designed mini PC for those who want to specify their own hard disk, memory and operating system.

£190 inc VAT
Shuttle SX58J3
Shuttle SX58J3 review
PC cases

Shuttle has done a good job of fitting Intel’s Core i7 processor into this diminutive case, but the price is too high.

£417 inc VAT
Shuttle XS35
Shuttle XS35 review
PC cases

Neither a complete PC, nor a true barebones, it’s a pity that Shuttle aren’t selling the XS35 without components.

£210 inc VAT
Moneual MonCaso 972
Moneual MonCaso 972 review
PC cases

The MonCaso 972 has every extra imaginable, but these added-value features also reduce airflow and create internal clutter.

£329 inc VAT
Thermaltake WingRS 301
Thermaltake WingRS 301 review
PC cases

This case does the job, but its only real benefit is that you can carry it around. If you don't need to, Akasa's Zen is a better choice.

£35 inc VAT
Silverstone Grandia GD03
Silverstone Grandia GD03 review
PC cases

The Grandia GD03 HTPC case lacks the bells and whistles of some rivals but is easy to build and very well made.

£144 inc VAT