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Where to buy Sky Glass?

Learn where you can buy a Sky Glass TV and a breakdown of all the costs involved

Sky Glass suffered from a couple of glaring issues at launch but has since grown into a convenient option for those in search of a 4K television and lots of content to watch on it. 

Following a series of updates to the user interface and picture quality, we upped the rating on our Sky Glass review from three to four stars and awarded the all-in-one streaming TV package a well-deserved Recommended badge.

As such, it’s an appealing choice for those unable or unwilling to have a Sky satellite dish installed, as well as long-term Sky customers looking to upgrade their television while retaining access to channels they’ve become attached to over the years. It’s important to note, however, Sky Glass replaces your existing Sky Q or Sky+ subscription and that the channels available do differ slightly. 

If you’ve decided that Sky Glass is right for you, there are still a few things to consider before splashing out on it. For starters, it’s available in three different sizes and five colours, and can be bought outright or by making monthly payments over two or four years. Below you’ll find details about all of those purchasing options as well as links to buy the TV and an accompanying Sky subscription.

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How to buy Sky Glass?

Sky Glass has been available in the UK since October 2021 and other European markets since early 2022. That means you can purchase Sky Glass right now and it’s a fairly simple process. 

Head over to the Sky website, sign up for an account and follow the steps to purchase your new TV. Here, you’ll be instructed to pick between the screen sizes, colours and payment plans before being presented with the various Sky packages you can pair with your Sky Glass TV.  

You don’t have to subscribe to any of these, however – you can simply use the Sky Glass TV to watch live and on demand content through apps should you wish. There will also be the option to purchase additional add-ons here too, including Sky Broadband or the Sky Stream puck, which can deliver whatever content is being streamed through your Sky Glass TV to another television in your household. 

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Since Sky Glass is designed for use with a Sky TV plan, Sky’s website is the only place you can purchase Sky Glass at present.

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How much does Sky Glass cost?

If you are looking to purchase Sky Glass, you have several options. Costs vary depending on whether you want to pay upfront for your new TV or spread your payments over 24 or 48 months. Here’s a breakdown of pricing for the three sizes of Sky Glass:

Sky Glass (43in) 

  • 48-month contract: £14/mth with a one-off upfront fee of £10, totalling £682.
  • 24-month contract: £28/mth plus a £20 fee, totalling £692.
  • Outright purchase: £699.

Sky Glass (55in)

  • 48-month contract: £19/mth with a one-off upfront fee of £10, totaling £922.
  • 24-month contract: £38/mth with a £20 fee, totaling £932.
  • Outright purchase: £949.

Sky Glass (65in)

  • 48-month contract: £24/mth with a one-off upfront fee of £10, totaling £1,162.
  • 24-month contract: £48/mth with a £20 fee, totaling £1,172.
  • Outright purchase: £1,199.
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How much does a Sky subscription cost?

The prices above are just for the Sky Glass TV itself. You also need to take into account the cost of a Sky subscription, which varies depending on which channels you want included. 

The cheapest option is Sky’s Ultimate TV package. This costs £26/mth and comes with a Netflix Basic subscription but doesn’t cover access to streaming services like Disney Plus or Sky’s popular Cinema and Sports channels – these have to be added at additional cost. Ultra HDR and Dolby Atmos are also not included in the standard package, if you want these, they’ll cost a further £6/mth.

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If you’re not fussed about the TV itself, you can gain dishless access to Sky services via Sky Stream. The basic Sky Stream service costs £26/mth on an 18-month contract, while those wanting more flexibility can pay £29/mth on a 31-day rolling agreement.

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