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Google finally releases YouTube app for ALL Roku media streamers

Watch YouTube videos on the big screen on all Roku media streamers released since July 2011

YouTube is finally available for nearly all Roku devices, having previously been absent from all streaming boxes apart from the Roku 3.

Any Roku boxes launched after July 2011 are supported, with the new YouTube app only available in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland. The YouTube app has been available for the Roku 3 since the end of last year but wasn’t available on any of the company’s other streaming boxes. Roku streaming boxes released before July 2011 will not be able to download the YouTube app.

Developed by Google, the YouTube app for Roku allows people to send videos from their phone to their TV using a Wi-Fi network. The app works in a similar way to YouTube on Google’s own Chromecast media streamer.

The Roku app supports HD streaming of YouTube videos. To stream a YouTube video people will need to find it on their phone or tablet and then tap a button to send it to their Roku. The app can also be used as a standalone service, without the need for a phone or tablet.

Previously anyone wanting to watch YouTube videos on a Roku would need to jump through a series of hoops and use workarounds such as Twonky or PlayOn. Support for YouTube on nearly all Roku media streamers moved them more in line with Google’s Chromecast, which was released in the UK in March.

To download the YouTube app for Roku straight to your device go to the Roku store.

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