Uebo M200 Bronze review

Kat Orphanides
9 Jan 2011
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Uebo's M200 works well but doesn't really stand out and the basic bundle is a bit expensive for something that doesn't come with a hard disk.



Uebo's M200 is larger and chunkier than most streaming media receivers, partly because it has a bay for a 3.5in SATA hard disk to store media on. The hard disk - which you can choose to buy with the streamer – fits on to a metal plate that unscrews from the bottom of the chassis. A small internal fan provides cooling, along with a quiet but high-pitched whine that may irritate some.

Uebo M200 Bronze 2

On the back, you'll find an HDMI port, optical and co-axial S/PDIF outputs, component and composite video outputs and a pair of stereo phono ports along with a 10/100 Ethernet port. On the side is a pair of USB ports for connecting external storage or an optional wireless dongle, a memory card reader and a USB B port that allows you to connect the M200 to your PC as an external storage device. The remote control is fairly compact but has some redundant buttons, including a largely pointless number pad.

Uebo M200 Bronze 5

The M200 has a rather sleek looking ribbon interface, although we found that its resolution defaulted to 480p and we had to manually set it to 1080p to match our TV. Options include a browser that allows you to view media files on the network or the M200's internal hard disk, internet channels (including YouTube and Flickr), internet radio and controls for the streamer's integrated BitTorrent client.

There's also an icon for your media library, which allows you to view content stored on the player's hard disk. A file copy tool lets you transfer files between the streamer's drive and other devices on the network. All the file browser interfaces allow you to choose to view all your media files or only music, movies or images, which is handy if you want to browse your music collection without seeing the album art image files in the list.

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