Optoma HD33 review

Tom Morgan
21 Dec 2011
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Fantastic for 3D, but it’s otherwise a fairly average performer. There are better choices at this price



1,920x1,080 resolution, 1,800 ANSI lumens, 122x380x313mm, 4.5kg

Optoma’s HD33 3D home cinema projector is smoothly sculpted in white plastic, which will look great no matter where it’s placed. As one of the more expensive DLP projectors we’ve seen recently, we were interested to see what it has to offer over similarly priced LCD models.

Optoma HD33

Both new or current projector users shouldn’t struggle to find a place for the reasonably sized unit. Side-facing exhaust vents are less than ideal for placing the HD33 on a bookshelf, but the fan should stay quiet when given enough breathing room – we could barely hear it over the ambient noise of our test room.

Optoma HD33

The HD33 takes a minimalist approach. It doesn’t have an internal speaker, so to get audio, you’ll need to use a set of dedicated speakers. There no buttons on the main unit, aside from the single power button at the rear next to the video inputs. Two HDMI ports, composite and VGA connections should be enough for most setups, although there are a few missing ports that we would expect to see on a projector in this price range. However, a 12v trigger, USB service port and RS232 port could be useful.

Optoma HD33

Without any buttons, you’ll be relying on the remote control to change image settings – the bright blue backlight makes it easy to use in a dark room, and all the functions you would expect are present. Aspect ratio, picture, colour and 3D modes, input selection and brightness settings are all assigned to individual buttons, but you can also dive into the menu system for more in-depth tweaking.