Acer H7531D review

Tom Morgan
24 Dec 2011
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Great connectivity, but picture quality lets the H7531D down



1,920x1,080 resolution, 2 ANSI lumens, 95x294x229mm, 3.2kg

Acer’s H7531D is a Full HD 1080p home cinema projector firmly aimed at the living room. It’s small enough to sit on a book shelf, so you should have no trouble finding somewhere to put it. Plus, it’ll look great wherever it goes thanks to its attractive white and silver case.

Acer H7531D

A decent array of ports on the back make it fairly simple to connect to your existing setup – two HDMI ports, component, S-Video and VGA outputs should be enough for most equipment. The single 3.5mm audio input isn't so useful: the feeble 2w speaker isn’t going to challenge a proper hi-fi system. It could at least make itself heard over the cooling fan, which stayed very quiet even after a few hours’ use.

Acer H7531D

There are a few controls on the top of the unit, but you’ll mostly rely on the remote control to tweak picture settings. It's hardly comprehensive, but there are zoom and aspect ratio controls. Lens adjustments are manual, though, so you can only alter the picture digitally without reaching for the projector itself. Keystone correction is present as expected, but degrades image quality.

Acer H7531D

The on-screen menu system is plain, yet easy to navigate - picture options include brightness, contrast and colour tone, as well as tint, saturation and black levels. If you prefer using presets, there are eight different picture modes – Movie and Sports look the best, creating the most accurate flesh tones and balanced colours. Game and Presentation both pushed the brightness too far, creating a washed-out image.