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How to use Fluid Viewing on Sky Q

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Pick up where you left off with our complete guide to Fluid Viewing on Sky Q

Sky Q is hands down, the best premium TV service that I’ve ever used. If you love Sky’s mix of content, then you’ll love Sky Q, as it lets you watch what you want, where you want and how you want, both inside your house and when you’re away from it. One of Sky Q’s key features is Fluid Viewing, which is a Netflix-style system that lets you continue watching a programme on a different device. For example, you could start watching a show on your main TV in the living room, but finish watching it on a Mini box in your bedroom. Fluid Viewing is extremely easy to use, although you’ll need a little workaround to use it with live TV.

How to use Fluid Viewing

Using Fluid Viewing is extremely easy. All you have to do is watch recorded or on-demand programmes as normal on any Sky Q device. Once you’ve finished watching you can turn the device off or hit the Back button on the remote.
Now, when you turn on another Sky Q device you’ll see the programme that you were watching is available in the My Q menu in the Continue menu. Select it and start playing and you’ll start watching from the exact point that you left off before.

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Fluid Viewing with live TV

The one, slightly annoying thing about using Fluid Viewing is that it doesn’t work with live TV. So, there’s no option to start watching a programme in one room and then to pick up where you left off on another device. The workaround is to hit record twice on the device you’re watching on (hitting record once turns on series link, twice just records that one programme). This saves every part of the programmes that’s in the live pause buffer and continues to record the rest of the show. At this point you can turn off one device, then when you switch to a different Sky Q device, such as a Mini box, your ‘live’ TV programme will be in the My Q menu. Hitting play will carry on from the point you stopped watching.

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