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Panasonic OLED: Bring home the Hollywood experience

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From the flawless display to the sumptuous sound, Panasonic's best-ever television delivers Tinseltown quality

Lots of factors come into play when you’re choosing a new television. There are the obvious considerations about size, of course – but then there are more subjective issues such as picture and sound quality, and that’s before you start worrying about compatibility with the various different HDR formats. Sometimes it might seem that your ideal new TV is, in fact, a combination of different models from different manufacturers.

Panasonic’s latest series of OLED TVs concentrates everything you want and need from a television into one elegant, high–performance package. Its GZ950 and GZ2000 series combines stunningly lifelike images, extraordinary clarity of sound, and universal compatibility in the most compelling televisions Panasonic has ever delivered. If you want a more convincing Hollywood experience than the professional–standard GZ2000 serves up, well, you’ll probably need to move into a cinema.

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Panasonic OLED: The best picture from any source

There are certain things it’s safe to assume about Panasonic’s OLED TVs. For instance, you can take incredible slimness as a given, and understated elegance too – both the GZ950 and GZ2000 are sleek and unobtrusive. And you can also take Panasonic’s legendary build quality for granted – both of these ranges are made to thrill you for years to come.

You’re right to imagine an unbeatable level of picture performance, too – Panasonic’s credentials when it comes to picture processing are impeccable. That’s why its TVs and monitors are in so many studios and post–production facilities in California – this is a company that lives and breathes Hollywood.

Panasonic has placed its class-leading HCX Pro Intelligent processor into both the GZ950 and GZ2000. As a consequence, image quality is outstanding – dynamic contrast, colour fidelity and peak brightness are all as good as it gets. And for the GZ2000, Panasonic has fitted a Professional Edition OLED panel, customised by its own engineers, for stunning picture accuracy.  

Both ranges are equipped to make the most of any HDR content, no matter where it originates from. High Dynamic Range is a must-have TV feature and, sure enough, it comes in a variety of types – but Panasonic has given its OLEDs the unique ability to handle any of the competing HDR formats. 

So no matter if it’s the HLG standard used by broadcasters like the BBC, or the state-of-the-art HDR10+ and Dolby Vision dynamic metadata formats you find on 4K Blu-ray discs or streaming from Netflix, Prime Video and so on, your Panasonic OLED TV won’t just deal with it – it’ll make the absolute best of it. The widest colour gamut, the deepest blacks, the highest detail levels, and the most convincing pictures you’ve ever seen.

Panasonic OLED: Sound that moves you

Staggering picture quality is only half the story, though. Too many TVs are let down by thin, flat audio quality – but there’s nothing dull or tentative about the way the GZ2000 sounds.  

The GZ2000 has a speaker system tuned by the engineers at the iconic Technics brand and is able to handle up-to-the-minute Hollywood soundtracks. Even Dolby Atmos cinema-standard soundtracks are no problem.

In fact, the GZ2000 incorporates a pair upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers in its frame. Together with three forward-facing speakers in the sound-blade beneath the screen, they deliver Dolby Atmos soundtracks with more height, width and depth of sound than any TV until now. The all-enveloping Dolby Atmos effect is even available from non-Atmos soundtracks, so you can enjoy supreme sound no matter what you’re watching.  

Panasonic OLED: Bring Hollywood home

By any measure, the GZ2000 is the best-looking, best-sounding TVs Panasonic has ever made – it’s as if Hollywood has visited you in your own home.

And yet in some ways, the Panasonic OLED experience is even better than the cinema. For instance, both TVs include Panasonic’s My Home Screen 4 interface, which is the clearest, most comprehensive, most easily-customised user interface a TV has ever enjoyed and both can be operated using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control. 

They’re available in either 55in or 65in screen sizes – so you can choose big-screen thrills, or even-bigger-screen thrills.

So if you want an authentic state-of-the-art movie experience for both sound and vision, without visiting a cinema, the 2019 Panasonic OLED TV range is the front-row ticket you’ve been dreaming of and the GZ2000 in particular is a blockbuster buy.

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