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The superb Dyson V11 PLUNGES in price for Black Friday

Dyson V11 Absolute Black Friday deal - lead

This Cyber Monday, you can pick up a spectacular saving on the five-star Dyson V11 vacuum

This Black Friday, John Lewis has the Dyson V11 Absolute for a significant discount, reducing its price to £350 from the original £430. The Dyson V11 isn’t just an ordinary vacuum cleaner; it’s a product that has received five stars and an Expert Reviews Recommended award, making it a top choice for those seeking a high-quality cleaning experience.

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As our full Dyson V11 Absolute review reveals, we found a lot to like with this high-end cordless stick vacuum. It has a more powerful motor than its predecessor, the V10, and a bigger battery. This translates to improved suction power and longer battery life, ensuring more efficient and effective cleaning. The V11’s motorised High Torque cleaner head is a standout addition, providing an adjustable slider to control suction power based on the cleaning surface​​.

This vacuum cleaner is designed for convenience and ease of use. It offers an Automatic mode, which adjusts the power levels depending on the floor type, thanks to its Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) system. This intelligent feature ensures optimal performance on different surfaces without the need for manual adjustments​​.

The V11 also includes a small LCD on the back of the handle, displaying the remaining cleaning time, tips for resolving blockages, and the current mode. This feature provides a more advanced and user-friendly interface compared to the V10​​.

Despite its advanced features, the V11 does come with a minor drawback: it is heavier than the V10 due to its larger battery. However, this extra weight is a small price to pay for the additional power and convenience it delivers. In terms of performance, the V11 excels in both Eco and Boost modes, with battery life lasting up to 60 minutes and 12 minutes, respectively​​.

The V11’s cleaning performance, especially in Boost mode, is impressive. It effectively cleaned various surfaces in our tests, from hard floors to thick carpets, and has a wider cleaning path thanks to the grooves on the edges of the cleaner head​​​​. While slightly louder than the V10, the V11’s noise levels are still within a reasonable range for vacuum cleaners​​.

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The Dyson V11 Absolute, available at a reduced price of £350 at John Lewis this Black Friday, is an excellent investment for those seeking a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly vacuum cleaner. With its array of advanced features and strong performance, the V11 stands out as a top choice in the cordless vacuum cleaner market.

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