Trust Widescreen HD Webcam review

Seth Barton
23 Dec 2009
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Trust Widescreen HD Webcam
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It's all in the name really, with this being the first webcam we've seen supporting an HD resolution of 1,280x720 (720p). We couldn't find out the actual size of the sensor, but you can record video at resolutions of up to 2,048x1,536, however, this doesn't increase the maximum variable bit-rate which is capped at around 5Mbit/s.

The resulting video is certainly a big step up from regular 640x480 webcams, but it can't match that of mini HD camcorders like the Flip Ultra HD.

This is a valid comparison, as popular chat software doesn't currently support HD resolutions, which means HD video capture is primarily for upload to sites like YouTube (though with Microsoft also releasing a HD webcam, Messenger Live is bound to support HD soon). If you're a keen YouTube broadcaster, then HD for £25 is a bargain, but those who want to video chat in HD should wait for popular software support first.


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