Nokia N8 pre-orders largest "in history"

10 Nov 2010
Nokia N8

Symbian proves that it's not dead yet.

Nokia has revealed that its N8 smartphone, based on the Symbian^3 platform, has received the largest number of pre-orders in the company's history.

The N8, which we previewed back in April, is Nokia's latest flagship smartphone and runs the latest edition of the company's home-grown mobile operating system, Symbian^3.

With Apple's iPhone Operating System and Google's Android Platform cornering the market, interest in Symbian has been waning in recent years, and many believe that the N8 represents Nokia's final attempt to gain ground in the smartphone market: if the N8 fails, so does Symbian as a viable platform.

A failure of that magnitude could even see Nokia abandoning the platform it has created and making the increasingly popular move to Google's Android smartphone operating system.

Symbian looks to be on solid ground if Nokia's most recent announcement is to be believed, however. In a [a href=""]message

posted to Twitter[/a], a company representative claimed that "the Nokia N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders in Nokia history," making the N8 launch the biggest the company has ever experienced.

For a company that, in Europe at least, was once the most popular mobile manufacturer, that's a pretty tall order - and could see the Symbian platform given a new lease of life, although whether Nokia can convince others to adopt it once more remains to be seen.

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