Will the real iPhone 5 please stand up?

A compilation of iPhone 5 rumours is used to create a description of the mythical mobile device.

9 Aug 2012

Page 1 of 2Will the real iPhone 5 please stand up?

Is the iPhone 5 going to arrive soon? What will it have? Laser beams? An x-ray camera? Maybe even a larger screen?

There's been much speculation in the past few months as to what the iPhone 5 will or won't bring to the table. Videos have surfaced, photos have been leaked, articles have been written. We've compiled these materials from the most reliable of sources to give you our vision of what the iPhone 5 will be.

iPhone 5 back

A photo of what supposedly will be the iPhone 5 casing.

September 5th seems to be a re-occurring guess as to when Apple CEO Tim Cook will take to the stage and broadcast the new iPhone to the world in a keynote speech. Many of the sources who have confirmed this date are 'unnamed', but it makes sense given Apple's pattern of releasing new iPhones on a yearly basis. That being said, the iPhone 5 would go on sale a week or two later. September 21st is the most popular guess for when the phone will hit stores.

In June, a video from a Chinese cell phone part supplier hit YouTube. In the video, a man gives commentary while comparing the the body of what is speculated to be an iPhone 5 with his iPhone 4S. In the video, the prospective iPhone 5 shows a headphone port on the bottom of the device rather than on the top. There is no mid plate, and the length of the device is definitely longer than the iPhone 4S, feeding a rumour that the iPhone 5 will have a 4in screen. With the 4in sceen will come a new feature in the home screen interface, many believe. It's thought that the taller screen will leave room for five rows of application icons rather than the previous set of four rows. Five rows on the iPhone 5. Very clever, Apple. Very clever.

iPhone 5 open

An open look at the device.

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