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Nokia Lumia 610 review

  • Nokia Lumia 610
  • Nokia Lumia 610
  • Nokia Lumia 610


Compromised, but beautifully made and stylish for the price

Review Date: 11 Apr 2014

Price when reviewed: £180

Buy it now for: £94
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Reviewed By: Chris Finnamore

Our Rating 4 stars out of 5

User Rating 4 stars out of 5

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UPDATED 11/04/14

The Lumia 610 has been out for a couple of years, and has been superseded by a new generation of Nokia phones.

The closest immediate replacement is the Lumia 620. This is currently available for £168 SIM-free from Handtec, compared to £130 for the Lumia 610 from CPC. The newer model has a number of advantages over the ageing Lumia 610. For a start, it has 512MB rather than 256MB RAM, so you won’t run into any apps you can't run. It also has a significantly more powerful dual-core 1GHz processor compared to the 610's single-core 800MHz chip and, most importantly, the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system.

The operating system is particularly important, as only phones with Windows Phone 8 will be upgraded to the latest Windows Phone 8.1 version, which will bring a host of improvements. The Lumia 610, on the other hand, will remain stuck at Windows Phone 7.8, and will miss out on all the benefits of later versions. For this reason the Lumia 620 is certainly worth the extra £40 or so over the Lumia 610.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there's another Lumia in the range which is a much better buy than the Lumia 610 - the bargain Lumia 520. This was good value when we reviewed it, but since then the price has dropped significantly. This handset also has a dual-core processor and 512MB RAM, so can run Windows Phone 8 (and soon 8.1) smoothly. At just £106 SIM-free from eBuyer and an amazing £70 on prepay from O2, the Lumia 520 is a fabulous Windows Phone handset for the money, and a far better buy than the out-of-date Lumia 610.


After the mid-range Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, closely followed by the big-screen Lumia 900, we finally have Nokia's budget Windows Phone 7 handset; the cheap-as-chips Lumia 610. This is just £180 SIM-free or free on a £13.50-per-month contract, which makes it around £40 cheaper SIM-free than the next phone up in the range, Nokia's Lumia 710, and about £7 cheaper per month with a contract.

Nokia Lumia 610

The Lumia 610 is still a Nokia, though, which means its build quality is anything but budget. The phone feels beautifully made, with no flex in the body and a textured rubber back which makes it a delight to hold. It's definitely got the edge in looks over the Lumia 710, and is on the verge of being the best-looking Lumia in the entire range.

The Lumia 610's back, home and search buttons are touch-sensitive, which we preferred to the Lumia 710's physical buttons. The handset's camera is the same five-megapixel model as on the Lumia 710, and takes fairly average photos; there's not a great deal of detail, and noise speckles are present even in bright daylight shots.

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