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20 Nov 2013
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Samsung improves the Note in almost every way, making it the giant smartphone to buy


Android 4.3, 5.7in 1,920x1,080 display

Samsung pioneered the phablet craze for ever-larger handsets with the original Galaxy Note, and shows no sign of slowing down with this third iteration. With the huge amount of pre-launch hype now over, we finally get to find out whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a worthwhile upgrade, or simply a massive S4 with a stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Is it a phone or is it a tablet? One thing's for sure - the Note 3 is huge

There's no question that the Galaxy smartphone range has a shared design lineage, but the Note 3 still manages to stand out from the Samsung Galaxy S4 thanks to a more pronounced silver trim and a leather-effect backplate, complete with faux stitching. It's still made from polycarbonate plastic, but the art deco-style ribbed chrome edges gives the phone a unique appearance. It's refreshingly different, unlike the slew of new handsets that are content to play it safe with only the bare minimum of changes. At 8.2mm thick you won't struggle to slip it in a pocket, despite the huge display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The leather effect won't be to everyone's taste, but we like the fact Samsung is doing something a little different


That screen dominates the front of the phone, with just a Samsung logo above it and home, back and menu buttons below. At 5.7in the Note series continues to grow in screen size, but the slimmer horizontal screen bezels mean it's practically the same size as the Note 2. We could hold it quite comfortably, but needed to use our other hand to reach the far edges of the screen. You can perform many functions, like making a call or text one-handed, but it's really designed to be used with both hands at once.

The 1,920x1,080 resolution AMOLED display is simply gorgeous, with vibrant colours, intense brightness and incredible contrast. At 386 pixels per inch, tiny text looks pin-sharp, even when sat side-by-side with the Galaxy S4 and its 441ppi display. This is despite Samsung's continuing use of PenTile subpixel arrangements, which use two colours per pixel rather than three, meaning actual resolution is less than an equivalent LCD display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

As ever, the S-Pen slots away when you don't need it


The abundance of screen space is an ideal match for the S-Pen, which naturally for a Note device is still a major highlight of using the Note 3. The stylus slips into the bottom of the handset when not in use and an icon appears in the notification bar when it's removed. There's also a reminder alert that vibrates if you take more than a few steps without the pen attached, so you shouldn't misplace it. It still uses digitiser technology from Wacom, meaning it detects varying pressure levels, great for sketching.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The S-pen becomes much more than a simple stylus once you start using Samsung's optimised apps

Samsung has refined the software from the previous iteration, adding several new features such as Pen Window. With this you can create a window of any size by simply drawing a box on the screen and then choosing an app (from a limited but useful selection) to run within it. The scrapbook tool is much improved too, organising your cut-outs and clippings in a sensible order that's a lot easier to navigate through. The addition of tags, which can be searched system-wide, means you can categorise your notes into web links, photos, addresses and videos without worrying about losing them to the pile.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

All the major S-Pen functions are quickly accessed from the radial menu

You still get plenty of pre-installed apps designed to work with the S-Pen, including S-Note for taking down scribbles and Sketchbook for Galaxy, which is a fairly comprehensive artist's tool with over a hundred different brushes, pencils and pens to make drawings and designs with. Apps that first appeared on the Galaxy S4, such as the S Health fitness tracker, S Translate, S Voice personal assistant and WatchOn remote control all make appearance too.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32GB Scores 9.2 out of 10 based on 286 reviews

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