Oneforall SmartControl Motion review

The Motion controls are gimmicky, but they don’t stop the SmartControl working well as a regular remote

27 Jan 2012
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Universal remote controls don’t have to cost a fortune, as this One for All Smartcontrol Motion remote proves. It costs a very reasonable £27 but can be programmed to control six different devices, and even has some motion-sensitive functions thrown in for good measure.

Most big-brand TVs, Blu-ray players, amplifiers and set-top boxes are supported, with each one taking just a few button presses to set up. There’s no software to install or websites to visit, so you can get started almost instantly.

SmartControl Motion 1

There are plenty of buttons to cover the essentials for any piece of equipment – they all worked with our reference kit, including the motion controls. These are more of a gimmick than a useful feature, but some people may find it easier than searching for a certain button in the dark.

Setting up unrecognised devices is a little more awkward than on the similarly priced Logitech Harmony 200, and it takes twice as many batteries, but owners of expansive home cinema setups will appreciate the SmartControl Motion's ability to control six devices at once.

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