Blu-ray players

  • Samsung BD-J7500 review

    Samsung BD-J7500 teaser
    inc VAT
    7 Sep 2015

    The Samsung BD-J7500 is a stylish Blu-ray player with a wealth of apps and services

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  • LG LAB540 Sound Plate review

    inc VAT
    28 Jan 2015

    Sound quality isn't brilliant, but the LAB540's built-in 3D Blu-ray player and extra Smart TV services add some extra value

  • Samsung BD-H6500

    inc VAT
    30 Jul 2014

    The BD-H6500 is great-value, with great picture quality and unparalleled online content

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  • Panasonic DMP-BDT160

    inc VAT
    15 Jun 2014

    A cheap 3D Blu-ray player that's easy to use and has good picture quality

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  • Samsung BD-F6500 review

    Samsung BD-F6500
    inc VAT
    23 Jan 2014

    All the features you could want at a great price. You can’t get better for less

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  • Toshiba BDX5400KB review

    Toshiba BDX5400KB
    inc VAT
    24 Oct 2013

    A disappointingly average Blu-ray player with basic Smart TV

  • Sony BDP-S5100 review

    Sony BDP-S5100
    inc VAT
    25 Aug 2013

    A good Blu-ray player with good online services, but we think it’s a little expensive

  • Samsung BD-F8500M review

    Samsung BD-F8500M
    inc VAT
    8 Jul 2013

    Samsung's latest all-in-one could simplify your home cinema setup

  • Pioneer BDP-450 review

    Pioneer BDP-450
    inc VAT
    16 Jun 2013

    Plenty of enthusiast features, but its price means it won’t suit everyone

  • Samsung BD-F7500 review

    Samsung BD-F7500
    inc VAT
    3 Jun 2013

    One of the most comprehensive Blu-ray players around, especially if you already own Samsung kit

  • Sony BDP-S790 review

    Sony BDP-S790
    inc VAT
    24 Mar 2013

    This highly specified player looks phenomenal and is bursting with features

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  • Sony BDP-S490 review

    Sony BDP-S490
    inc VAT
    2 Feb 2013

    Many features and great picture quality make the BDP-SS490 a worthwhile addition to any home cinema

  • Samsung BD-E8500M review

    Samsung BD-E8500M
    inc VAT
    25 Sep 2012

    A Blu-ray and PVR in one sleek package that has all the high-end features you expect to see

  • LG BH6220S review

    LG BH6220S
    inc VAT
    9 Aug 2012

    Good value all-in-one, but it lacks connectivity and adjustment settings

  • Panasonic DMP-BDT500 review

    Panasonic BWT-DM500
    inc VAT
    7 Aug 2012

    Few will appreciate its multitude of audio-enhancing features, but this is still a fantastic Blu-ray player

  • Panasonic SC-BTT590 review

    Panasonic SC-BTT590
    inc VAT
    4 Aug 2012

    The best Panasonic has to offer is a fantastic combination of sound and video excellence

  • Panasonic SC-BTT490 review

    Panasonic SC-BTT490
    inc VAT
    30 Jul 2012

    Great sound and the same fantastic feature set we expect from Panasonic

  • Panasonic SC-BTT290 review

    Panasonic SC-BTT290
    inc VAT
    23 Jul 2012

    A huge number of features and fantastic picture quality from this well-priced all-in-one

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  • Samsung HT-E6500 review

    Samsung HT-E6500
    inc VAT
    8 Jun 2012

    A well rounded 5.1 Blu-ray kit that’s a little expensive, but packed with great features

  • Panasonic DMP-BDT220 review

    Panasonic DMP-BDT220
    inc VAT
    19 May 2012

    A fairly inexpensive player with extensive options for picture tweaking