Media streamers

  • Now TV review

    Now TV angle
    17 Jul 2015

    A great little box that provides great content at reasonable prices, image quality could be improved, but Now TV is still a winner

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  • Libratone Loop review

    inc VAT
    12 Jun 2015

    Given its mediocre sound quality, the expensive Libratone Loop left us disappointed

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick review

    inc VAT
    5 May 2015

    The Amazon Fire TV stick is a bargain-price streamer that excels if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber

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  • Google Chromecast review

    Google Chromecast top down view
    inc VAT
    23 Apr 2015

    The Google Chromecast is a cheap way to make your TV smart, but there are few mainstream apps that support it

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  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review

    inc VAT
    19 Apr 2015

    The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes provide great sound quality but the design might not fit in every room

  • NZXT DOKO review

    inc VAT
    11 Apr 2015

    The NZXT provides remote access to your PC but its execution is poor for gaming

  • Roku 3 review

    Roku 3
    inc VAT
    1 Apr 2015

    Excellent user interface and playback from USB drives make this a fantastic media streamer

  • Google Nexus Player review - Android TV isn't quite ready

    Nexus Player, Controller and Remote
    inc VAT
    26 Mar 2015

    Lots of unfulfilled potential - Android TV on the Nexus Player is seriously lacking in content

  • Philips Spotify Connect SW750M review

    Philips Spotify Connect SW750M front angle
    inc VAT
    25 Mar 2015

    The Philips Spotify Connect SW750M is a reasonably priced multiroom speaker, as long as you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber

  • Apple TV review - now cheaper than ever

    Apple TV
    17 Mar 2015

    Small, powerful and great value with lots of online content, the Apple TV is great media streamer that keeps on getting better

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  • BT Mini YouView Box review - free with TV Starter

    BT Mini YouView Box hero shot
    27 Jan 2015

    A neat way to give an old TV a smart upgrade, but the the BT Mini YouView Box has no media streaming and no Wi-Fi

  • Pure Jongo T4X review

    inc VAT
    20 Jan 2015

    The Pure Jongo T4X’s Bluetooth Caskeid makes it easy to send music wirelessly to other speakers but the audio delay is frustrating

  • Samsung SHAPE M3 review

    inc VAT
    19 Jan 2015

    The Shape M3 is an attractive, compact multiroom speaker with great sound quality

  • Amazon Fire TV review

    inc VAT
    28 Nov 2014

    The Amazon Fire TV is a good media streamer with great app and gaming support, but Amazon Prime subscribers will benefit from it most

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  • Sonos Play:1 review

    Sonos Play:1
    inc VAT
    11 Nov 2014

    A great addition to the Sonos range, plus you can add to and improve on the sound over time

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  • Samsung Shape M5 review

    Samsung SHAPE M5 speakers front black and white
    inc VAT
    6 Sep 2014

    These Multiroom speakers have an attractive design and good sound quality

  • TVman Mobility review

    Dediprog TVman Front Antenna
    inc VAT
    4 Sep 2014

    The TVman Mobility's television reception can be inconsistent, but it's an okay portable media server

  • Pure Jongo T6 review

    Pure Jongo T6 front
    inc VAT
    31 Aug 2014

    Versatile multiroom speakers that sound better as a pair

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  • Roku Streaming Stick review

    Roku Streaming Stick
    21 Aug 2014

    A great media streamer at a low price with plenty of content, but it can be a bit sluggish

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  • VBox XTI-3330 review

    Vbox XTI-3330 lead image
    inc VAT
    6 Aug 2014

    Streams TV to multiple devices on your network, but the VBox XTI-3330 not user-friendly enough and too expensive