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Save £189 with this bargain Google Pixel Slate bundle from John Lewis

Get the Chrome OS answer to the iPad Pro for £449

What happens if you cross an Android tablet and a Chromebook? Well, you get the Google Pixel Slate, a Chrome OS tablet that comes with a bundled keyboard cover if you head over to John Lewis this Cyber Monday.

The Pixel Slate and the keyboard cover can be had for £449, which is a saving of £189, making this deal a pretty attractive one.

Less than £500 gets you the Pixel Slate tablet equipped with Intel’s Core m3 processor. It’s not the gutsiest of Intel chips, but it can handle Chrome OS without breaking down into a silicon sweat. The processor is backed up with 8GB of RAM, which is also fine for Chrome OS. And a 64GB SSD completes the core specification line-up.

This spec won’t blow the iPad Pro or Surface Pro 7 out of the water, but it’ll still make a good job of Chrome OS unless you, say, open up masses of tabs in Chrome. It’s also worth noting that separately this specification of Pixel Slate spec would cost £638, which is a lot more expensive than the £450 John Lewis is asking for.

And having the keyboard cover bundled in as well only helps sweeten the deal. Not only has the keyboard been an expensive optional extra, it’s also very much needed to get the most out of the Chrome OS machine that’s trying to be both a laptop and a tablet.

When Expert Reviewshead of reviews Jon Bray gave the Pixel Slate a go. He noted that the 12.3-inch screen got bright and the display had a good bit of “dynamism”, as well as being fairly responsive to touch inputs.

“The keyboard is fabulous to type on, the Pen works perfectly most of the time, and the battery life is superb. It’s also highly refreshing that core functions like the file system, multi-monitor support and mass storage connectivity work seamlessly – just as you’d expect them to,” Jon said, though he did note the Pixel Slate hasn’t perfected the tablet-laptop hybrid device.

But with a fair chunk off the price, the Pixel Slate is certainly worth the money if you’re a keen fan of Google’s hardware.

Buy the Pixelbook Slate from John Lewis here

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