Nanovision Mimo UM-720S review

David Ludlow
20 Oct 2009
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A cool-looking product, but it's pricy, and its low resolution means the UM-720S is only good for instant messaging and Skype.



7in screen size, 800x480 resolution, DVI: no, VGA: no, HDMI:

Nanovision is hoping that its Mimo UM-720S display will appeal to those people who don't think that their laptop screens are big enough and so want a secondary display.

This 7in touchscreen connects to your computer via USB and folds neatly down into a package around the size of a paperback book, so you can carry it everywhere.

As it's powered and driven by USB, you only need to carry a single cable around with you. This has two USB type A connectors on it, in case a single USB port doesn't provide enough power. The UM-720S is certainly impressive to look at. Folded shut, the screen is fully protected and the display feels as though it would easily survive life in a laptop bag. Once unfolded, you can gently swivel the screen from landscape to portrait mode.

That's the good news, but there are, unfortunately, lots of drawbacks too. For starters, the screen has a resolution of just 800x480, which is too small to be of any use for anything other than instant messaging or Skype. Admittedly, if you need a screen for this, it helps that the UM-720S is a touchscreen, as it makes calling or talking to an online friend quick and easy.

We found it responsive to use, and selecting contacts and moving windows was easy. Sadly, the screen doesn't support multi-touch, so you can't use Windows 7's new gestures.

The downside of having the touchscreen built-in is its effect on quality. We tested it side by side with the standard non-touchscreen version, the UM-710S (not currently active).

On the UM-720S, the touchscreen layer causes a mottled appearance on the screen. This makes flat colours, and whites in particular, look speckled. Fortunately, text is still sharp and easy to read.

The UM-720S has brightness controls on the side, although there's very little difference between the darkest and lightest settings. There are no contrast controls, but the default settings are fine.

Although it looks cool, the UM-720S feels like a gimmick. It's hard to justify spending this much money on such a tiny screen with a low resolution that's only good enough for IM and Skype.

Basic Specifications



Viewable size7 in
Native resolution800x480
Contrast ratio400:1
Horizontal viewing angle70°
Vertical viewing angle70°
Response time typeblack-to-black
Screen depth12mm
Base (WxD)165x135mm
Screen elevation0mm


Portrait modeyes
Wall mount optionno
Height adjustableno
Internal speakersnone
Detachable cablesyes
USB hubnone
Integrated power supplyyes
Kensington lock lugno
Display extrasnone
VGA inputno
DVI inputno
S-video inputno
Component inputno
Composite inputno
HDCP supportno
Audio inputsnone


Power consumption standbyN/A
Power consumption onN/A

Buying Information

Warrantyone year RTB

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