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LG 29EA93 review

Katharine Byrne
19 Jul 2013
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It's not height-adjustable and has a few fiddly features, but this 29in monitor has excellent image quality and a wide range of inputs



29in screen size, 2,560x1,080 resolution, DVI: yes, VGA: no, HDMI:

Ultra-wide 29in monitors are fast becoming the must-have displays of the moment, and the LG 29EA93 is the latest.

At first, the 29EA93’s 2,560x1,080 resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio seems strange, but you quickly get used to it. Indeed, it’s hard to go back to ordinary 16:9 monitors once you've become accustomed to its ultra-wide display. Not only does it help make films and games feel much more cinematic, it also comes with split-screen software to help you multitask in the office too. We installed the program without issue and were able to arrange up to four windows in a variety of ways just by clicking various options from its main menu settings.

LG 29EA93

Its glossy silver base looks much smarter than that of Dell U2913WM, but we were a little disappointed to see that the 29EA93 doesn't let you swivel it sideways or adjust height. It felt quite low on our desk as a result and would be much better suited to wall mounting, but you can tilt the screen upwards slightly if it should prove necessary.

Design issues aside, the 29EA93 is an excellent monitor. It uses an IPS display and our colour calibrator showed it was displaying 98.5 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut at its default settings. It had excellent coverage of all the main colour areas, with purples being its only slight weakness. We managed to increase this to 99.3 per cent after calibration. It doesn't quite match the Dell's 99.9 per cent coverage straight out of the box, but it's still one of the best scores we've seen for an IPS panel.

LG 29EA93

The good colour sRGB coverage translated to good results in our subjective image tests. Reds, greens and blues were all very rich and vibrant. Whites were bright without any hint of grey. Blacks were very deep and reflected our low black reading of 0.25cd/m² very well. However, we noticed that blacks were considerably lighter toward the bottom of the screen, particularly in the bottom left corner. The black deep black bezel made the lighter blacks on the screen all the more noticeable. It wasn’t so bad as to make us not want to use the 29EA93, though.

Our high contrast photos looked great. We recorded a contrast ratio of 1,008:1 with our colour calibrator and we saw a high level of detail in our test photos. When compared side by side with the Dell U2913WM, the LG 29EA93 had noticeably larger patches of black, showing that the Dell is just ahead when it comes to overall picture quality.

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