Iiyama ProLite GB2773HS review

Katharine Byrne
13 Feb 2014
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Great for games, but it colour calibration to produce the best image quality


Gaming monitors can cost more because of their high refresh rates, but not the Iiyama Prolite GB2773HS. It’s £130 cheaper than its nearest rival, the 120Hz BenQ XL2720T, and has a large, height-adjustable 27in TN panel with a huge refresh rate of 144Hz for silky smooth visuals.

Iiyama ProLite GB2773HS

The main advantage of a high refresh rate is a reduction of the tearing (two or more frames appearing onscreen simultaneously) that can occur when your graphics card outputs more frames than your monitor can display.

Apart from a high refresh rate, the GB2773HS is an ordinary monitor. There’s only an i-Style Game mode, and the GB2773HS’s menu settings don't have any special options. The GB2773HS doesn't have many connection ports, just VGA, dual-link DVI-D and HDMI inputs, as well as headphone and microphone jacks.

Iiyama ProLite GB2773HS

The GB2773HS isn’t a bad monitor, though. Once we’d calibrated the GB2773HS, its picture quality was much better than that of the BenQ XL2720T. At default settings, the GB2773HS’s image quality is fairly average. Our colour calibrator showed it was displaying 89.1 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut at default settings, which is a few per cent lower than that of the BenQ XL2720T but still in line with the average TN panel.

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