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Pure Jongo multi-room speakers updated with Bluetooth sharing, now play nicely with Spotify

Pure's Jongo multi-room speaker system just got a major upgrade which lets you stream bluetooth audio from a smartphone or tablet to every speaker - meaning it will now play Spotify tracks throughout the home

Pure has released a firmware update for its Jongo multi-room speaker range that opens up support for any streaming music service – not just the company’s own Pure Connect subscription programme.

When we first reviewed the Jongo S3 portable and Jongo T2 fixed speakers, we were impressed by their ease of use and sound quality but were concerned that anyone already invested in Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music or any other streaming service would be unwilling to swap to Pure Connect. Pure has fixed this with today’s firmware update, which lets you send audio from any streaming service over bluetooth to a single Jongo speaker. It then shares the track with every other speaker in a Jongo setup over Wi-Fi.

Pure Jongo

Both iOS and Android devices can now access the feature, which uses parent company Imagination Technologies’ Caskeid tech to ensure there are no issues with synchronisation. Essentially, it means you’ll be able to walk through every room in a Jongo house and not notice any timing disparity between each speaker. Existing Jongo owners need the latest version of the Pure Connect app to force an update if the Wi-Fi connected speakers haven’t already updated automatically.

“Jongo was designed with flexibility in mind and now we’ve taken this concept a huge step further with Bluetooth Caskeid,” Pure’s marketing director Nick Hucker said of the announcement. With greater support for streaming services, he explained Jongo now gives owners “the choice to listen to whatever they want, in great quality throughout the home.”

The announcement could give Jongo a much-needed boost in the multi-room audio market, which is currently dominated by Sonos but is growing increasingly larger. Earlier this week Denon announced the Heos multi-room sytem, which natively supports several major streaming services from within its smartphone app.

We’ll be revisting our Jongo reviews in the coming days, as well as checking out some new Jongo speakers, in order to see what a difference the update has made, but if you’re a Spotify addict and were previously put off by a lack of support, Pure might now be able to change your mind.

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