Logitech X-530 review

Alan Lu
21 Feb 2010
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Logitech X-530
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Although not perfect, Logitech's X-530 speakers have generally excellent sound quality at a low price.


The X-530's subwoofer and satellites look almost identical to those included with its 2.1 counterpart, the X-230, which we'll be looking at very soon. Unusually, the front right satellite acts as the hub for the 3.5mm stereo input cables instead of the subwoofer.

Both these audio input cables and the cables connecting the satellites to the subwoofer, as well as the corresponding ports on the subwoofer itself, are individually colour coded so set up is a snap. The headphone socket and volume controls are conveniently located on the right satellite, but the bass control is on the back of the subwoofer and can be awkward to reach. There aren't any treble controls.

The bass was thunderously overwhelming at first in most movies. Adjusting the bass using the dial on the subwoofer produced a more sedate but still deep and rumbling thump that still did justice to explosions and dramatic, orchestral soundtracks. The midrange was crisp and clear, so we were able to hear fine details and effects in background noises as well as intonations in conversations that were obscured by other speakers.

High-pitched details were sometimes lost or a little subdued, but this was made up for by the immersive and convincing surround sound effect. Crackling fireworks soared past our ears with impressive realism as they moved across the screen.

We were also impressed with the X-530's sound quality when playing music. Bass-heavy music was satisfyingly full and rumbling, sounding a little richer and deeper than the already impressive bass on the 2.1 X-230. Orchestral music, as well as jazz and blues pieces, sounded warm, rich and detailed with no hint of distortion. Vocals and instruments in pop and electronic music sounded clear and generally well-balanced.

The X-530 may be Logitech's cheapest PC surround sound set, but we were nonetheless very impressed with it consistently good quality, well-rounded sound. It's not quite perfect and the bass control could be more conveniently located, but these are minor flaws especially as you have to spend much more to get better sounding 5.1 speakers.


AwardBest Buy
Speaker configuration5.1
RMS power output70W
Power consumption standby7W
Power consumption on12W
Analogue inputs3x 3.5mm stereo (5.1)
Digital inputsnone
Dock connectornone
Headphone output3.5mm
Satellite cable lengths1.6m left, 2.2m centre, 1.6m right, 4.4m rear
Cable typecaptive (phono), right satellite captive (serial)
Controls locatedright satellite
Digital processingnone
Tone controlsbass

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