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This isn’t the Apple TV set you’re looking for: Philips TVs bundled with Apple TV in India

Philips 55PFS6609

Not the Apple-built TV fans were hoping for, but Philips India will bundle the set-top box with its new range

UPDATE: The new Philips TV range will come bundled with a regular Apple TV set-top box, and not include integrated Apple TV features as originally reported. We’ve updated the story to reflect this.

ORIGINAL STORY: Apple fans have long suspected the company was secretly working on a TV set, in order to squeeze yet another beautifully designed and reasssuringly expensive gadget into our homes. We’re still no closer to getting something official, but Indian Apple fans now have the next best thing. Philips has introduced a new range of TVs that include a bundled Apple TV, including access to iTunes, Airplay and screen mirroring, exclusively for the Indian market.

According to The Hindu Business Line, the new range is being launched by PE Electronics in time for the holiday season. If you haven’t heard of PE Electronics before, don’t worry; the brand was only set up in 2010 with the express purpose of marketing Philips and Electrolux electronics to the Indian market. The company is quoted as saying the new range would have access to Apple’s iTunes, “which is world’s largest entertainment library containing music, movies, TV shows,” as well as Airplay and screen mirroring “which would render iPhone, iPad screen on Philips LED TV.

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Curiously there are were images of the new range, which led to much confusion as to whether Philips has somehow struck a deal with Apple to build Apple TV features into its TV sets, rather than simply include Apple’s Apple TV media streaming set-top box as a limited time offer.

“With the new range of Philips Full HD televisions, and the Apple TV partnership, we want consumers to indulge in the smart TV solution in the market, but without getting hassled about complicated set-up options,” PE Electronics Chief Executive Officer Neeraj Sethi told NDTV. According to the company, the TV range will also include YouTube video streaming, but there’s no word on other Smart TV services.

Unfortunately for Apple fans, there’s no word on whether the deal will make its way outside of India – especially as Philips Europe has invested considerable resources into creating a custom operating system for its new TVs based on rival Google’s Android OS. For any indian readers looking to pick one up though, the range will start from 29,999 rupees and will be available in select electronics stores and e-commerce outlets for a limited time, including Snapdeal.

* The image above isn’t one of the new models – sorry TV fans!

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