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The two-faced Apple Watch: yours for $9,500

Apple Watch Nico Gerrard Pinnacle

Luxury timepiece pairs analogue watch with Apple's smartwatch

For those concerned the Apple Watch wasn’t quite expensive enough, may we introduce Nico Gerard’s Pinnacle: a $9,500 timepiece with an Apple Watch around the back. 

The luxury watch is an extraordinary two-faced affair, with a 41mm analogue watch on the “front” and a 38mm Apple Watch around the back – although you can obviously choose to have whichever face you want facing upwards. Note the Apple Watch in question appears to be the mid-range stainless steel version, which Apple will sell you for around £500, not the 18-carat gold Watch Edition, which costs upward of £8,000.

The analogue watch contains a self-winding, bi-directional rotor with a power reserve of 38 hours – which is about as long as you can possibly hope for from the Apple Watch battery, which tends to sputter out of juice after a day and a half away from the charger. 

The Swiss-made watch comes with a brushed stainless steel, three-piece link strap and the entire device is water resistant to 100m, should you want to go swimming with a ridiculously expensive watch nestled alongside your locker wristband.

We’re not sure if Nico Gerard’s watch is officially endorsed by Apple, but the watchmaker has certainly adopted the mothership’s penchant for pretentious marketing waffle. “This classic timepiece shows the world you have an affinity for discerning tastes, and provides you with the technology that respects you to the core of your being,” his website states. 

The Nico Gerrard Pinnacle costs $9,300, plus a $200 reservation fee, but it won’t be delivered for another 10-12 months. You can pre-order from the Nico Gerrard website

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