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Best gas BBQ 2023: Our favourite gas barbeques for a sizzling summer

Whether you’re grilling burgers, veggie kebabs or seafood, these gas BBQs will make your summer extra special

If, like us, you’re desperate to get back to having fun outside with family and friends, throwing a big get-together is probably at the top of your to-do list. The best gas BBQ will ensure your well-earned party is a fuss-free experience, whether you’re cooking for three or 13. So for those of you who don’t fancy lugging around bags of charcoal and trying to light soggy matches, we’ve put together a list of the best gas BBQs to get you ready for a summer of fuss-free al fresco dining.

Gas BBQs come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, from small portable models that are ideal for camping to impressive six-burner grills that will make feeding your family and friends quick and easy. And while any gas BBQ will set you back more than a cheap disposable tray from the supermarket, they don’t always have to break the bank.

Below, we’ve found the best gas BBQ for everyone, whether you’re after a solid yet affordable grill that will last you for years, or a top-of-the-range luxury model that’s as functional as it is stylish.

Best gas BBQs: At a glance

How to choose the best gas BBQ for you

What are the benefits of a gas BBQ over a traditional charcoal BBQ?

While some BBQ fans insist you need a traditional solid fuel grill to achieve that authentic BBQ taste, even die-hard charcoal fans will find something to love about a gas BBQ. Quick and easy to light, usually with a simple push ignition switch, gas BBQs get up to temperature in no time at all. The easily adjustable temperature also means you can jump from grilling steak on a high heat to preparing a salmon fillet at a lower, steady temperature without waiting for the BBQ to cool.

Depending on how much you use your BBQ, you may also find a gas BBQ cheaper to run. Instead of buying sacks of charcoal, wood chips and firelighters and seeing your money literally go up in smoke, even a single bottle of propane or butane should keep you grilling all summer.

Once all the guests are happily fed and watered, hosts will be delighted to find that cleanup is much quicker with a gas BBQ. There’s no need to clear out piles of ash and the occasional unlucky sausage that fell through the gap. Once cold, a quick scrub of the grill and wipe down of any grease is all it takes.

The only real downside to gas BBQs – and some diehard BBQers will tell you it’s a big one – is that you miss out on that traditional charred, smokey taste. Flavoured smoking woods and charcoals are rising in popularity for solid-fuel grills, and while you can buy smoker boxes to use with gas, they won’t work for every model and don’t add quite as much flavour.

Finding BBQ-suitable gas can also be a little more of a challenge than picking up a bag of charcoal from a supermarket. You can usually find BBQ gas in hardware stores and garden centres, and occasionally petrol stations. It may be worth checking out a local supplier before investing in a gas BBQ.

What to look out for when buying a gas BBQ

Grill size: If you’ve decided that a gas BBQ is right for you, the next thing to consider is what size of grill you’ll need. While gas BBQs are generally much quicker to get going than a traditional solid fuel grill, if you’re planning to host a large backyard party, a six-burner model will help you feed your friends and family as quickly as possible. If you only have a small garden and are a short on storage space, a tabletop or foldable gas BBQ might be ideal.

Gas type: Most gas BBQs can use both butane or propane, but as some may only come fitted for one or the other, so make sure you know which type you’ll need to buy.

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Are gas BBQs safe?

In short, yes. But as with any BBQ, it’s everyone’s responsibility to take standard precautions. Most of these are common sense – never leave a BBQ unattended, don’t use it indoors or in a poorly ventilated space, keep children and animals away and have a bucket of water or fire blanket nearby.

What extra precautions should I take?

For gas BBQs specifically, there are two additional safety precautions to consider. First, it’s critical to make sure your BBQ is in a good condition. Check the gas pipes and connectors for any sign of wear and tear, and make sure there’s no leak or strong gas smell. These checks should be carried out every time you use the grill, but are especially important before the first BBQ of the season if it’s been sitting in storage for a few months.

Second, make sure you use both the right gas and the right adapter. Some models will only take one type of fuel, whereas others come with fittings that allow you to use both. Before you try to start the grill, make sure you’re using the right connector and the right gas, and that any adapters are properly fitted.

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The best gas barbeques to buy in 2023

1. George Foreman 3 Burner Gas BBQ: The best value gas BBQ

Price: £217 | Buy now from Amazon

As well as being the undisputed king of personal grills, George Foreman has also put his name to a series of gas BBQs that are just as stylish and affordable as their smaller siblings. This model features three individual burners and an impressively spacious cooking area, allowing you to have up to ten portions on the go at once. There’s also an integrated thermometer, which lets you keep control of the temperature of each individual cooking zone. So whether you’re whipping up burgers, steaks, fish or veggie kebabs, you can ensure perfect temperatures throughout.

Either side of the main grilling area is a shelf for cooling and serving, while the front panel brings a nifty condiment shelf to the party, offering easy access to your ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce. The only downside to this model is that some users have reported difficulty in assembling it due to its bare-bones instructions. We think the end result is worth the trial and error, but recommend having a second pair of hands nearby to help out.

Key specs – Fuel type: Propane; Number of burners: 3; Cooking area: 60 x 42cm; Dimensions (WDH): 122 x 57 x 98cm; Weight: 24kg

2. CosmoGrill Barbecue 6+1 Pro Gas Grill BBQ: The best gas BBQ for big families

Price: £400 | Buy now from Amazon

If you need to feed a small army (or large family), this impressive gas BBQ will help you get a feast ready in no time. This model boasts six main burners, plus an additional burner off to the side, a double-layered hood and an impressive amount of storage space. Cleanup is made much easier with a removable grease tray and a handy pan that hangs under the grill, collecting grease. It’s also on wheels, making it easy to put away when you’re done.

While this model isn’t cheap, it’s much more affordable than some comparable big-brand models that can come in at over £1,000. One small drawback is that it doesn’t come fitted with a gas pipe or regulator. This is a little disappointing for the price, but does mean you can choose to use it with whichever gas you prefer. It also arrives flat-packed, but should only take about an hour to put together, and once you’ve got it up and running, it will serve you well for a long time.

Key Specs – Fuel type: Butane/propane/LPG; Number of burners: 6 main burners, plus 1 side burner; Cooking area: 77 x 42cm; Dimensions (WDH): 149 x 55 x 110cm; Weight: 39kg

3. Kuhn Rikon Table Top BBQ: The best tabletop gas BBQ

Price: £150 | Buy now from Robert DyasThis compact, tabletop gas BBQ is ideal for anyone looking for a smaller gas BBQ that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality. With two elegant beechwood trays attached to either side and a modern oval dome shape, it’s also one of the nicest-looking gas BBQs we’ve seen.

Its small size makes it perfect for taking camping or down to a communal courtyard, and with a good-sized cooking area, guests won’t be left waiting long for their expertly grilled food. The two side trays can be removed for both cleaning and storage, making it much easier to squirrel away until the summer months.

It comes fitted with a hose and regulator for use with camping gas cartridges, which are usually much smaller and easier to transport than gas bottles, but it can also be fitted with an adapter for use with standard butane and propane bottles. It’s not shipped with any gas canisters, but these can be found at most outdoor equipment shops and some online retailers.

Key Specs – Fuel type: Butane/propane/camping gas; Number of burners: 1; Cooking area: 47 x 35cm; Dimensions (WDH): 44 x 97 x 39cm; Weight: 19kg

Buy now from Robert Dyas

4. Boss Grill Deluxe Portable Gas BBQ With Trolley: The best premium portable gas BBQ

Price: £230 | Buy now from Appliances Direct

If you’re looking for something more substantial than a tabletop gas BBQ but are still keen to save space, this foldable model might be just what you’re looking for. With two burners, an impressively sized grill and two fold-out side trays for serving, it’s ideal for feeding a group. Independently controlled burners mean you have precise control over the temperature, and its solid metal body makes it great at heat retention if you’re cooking with the lid down.

But this BBQ’s real party trick is that it can fold down to just a fraction of its size, making it perfect for taking camping or to the beach. For such a decent-sized BBQ when upright, it’s almost hard to see how it can be just 34cm high when folded. It even has an extendable handle, meaning it can be wheeled along as easily as a suitcase. When the BBQing season is over, it can be stored either flat or upright, tucked away under a bed or in a cupboard.

We also can’t ignore how good it looks. Its sleek grey-blue body makes it stand out among the usual black and steel models, and the orange handle adds another small pop of colour. It has a thermometer on the lid, a simple push button ignition, and comes with a hose and regulator for propane. It does need to be assembled but shouldn’t take long.

Key Specs – Fuel type: Propane; Number of burners: 2; Cooking area: 70 x 34.5cm; Dimensions (WDH): 122 x 53 x 96.5cm; Weight: 22.6kg

Buy now from Appliances Direct

5. Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS Gas BBQ: The best top-of-the-range gas BBQ

Price: £875 | Buy now from BBQ World

American grill company Weber pretty much rules supreme in the BBQ world, and its gas BBQs are undoubtedly the gold standard. While some might wince at the price, investing in a Weber BBQ is a smart move if you’re serious about high-performance grilling and want a model that will last summer after summer without showing its age.

The Genesis II E-310 model is one of Weber’s mid-range models, but we think it covers all the right bases. With three powerful burners and an impressive cooking area, it will happily feed a large family or group of friends. And with the care and attention Weber has put into almost every inch of the Genesis II, you and your guests will see, feel and taste the difference. Even gas BBQ skeptics will be impressed by Weber’s “Flavouriser Bars”. These simple but nifty additions collect grease, juice and marinade run-off, and vapourise them back up into the food, giving it an authentic BBQ taste that’s hard to achieve with a gas BBQ.

It’s not hugely portable, but it’s unlikely that you’d want to hide it away. The elegant yet sturdy porcelain-enamelled steel lid comes in two colours – black and “smoke” – and both look the part. It also has a convenient compartment at the side where the gas canister is stored, meaning there are no trailing pipes or bulky tank on view. There is some assembly required once delivered, but the high-quality parts make this a doddle. It also comes with a reassuring ten-year guarantee.

Key Specs – Fuel type: LPG; Number of burners: 3; Cooking area: 68 x 48cm; Dimensions (WDH): 150 x 74 x 120cm; Weight: 75kg

Buy now from BBQ World

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