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Dyson’s new Lightcycle Morph lamp can mimic natural light

The new lamp is designed to help prevent eye strain, says Dyson

Dyson has announced the Lightcycle Morph – a second-generation smart light which claims to “challenge the fundamental conventions of contemporary artificial lighting.”

Simply put, the Lightcycle Morph will adjust its own intensity and colour tone to imitate the way in which light changes over the course of a day. The idea is to combat the perils of artificial lighting, which affects our eyesight and our sleep patterns.

The technology involved has been honed since the original Dyson Lightcycle launched in March of last year. The Lightcycle Morph can now emulate natural lighting in four separate formats: Indirect light, task light, feature light and ambient light.

Each user will have a tailored lighting experience that will constantly adjust depending on their location. This is made possible by Dyson’s unique Daylight Tracking software.

“When you’re near the light, this tells it where you are geographically and it gives you the precise wavelength of light that is expected where you are,” says Jake Dyson, chief lighting engineer (and son of Sir James). “If you’re in London, the wavelength of light will be different from Brighton or Bristol or Slough. It’s that precise.” You’ll be able to access this information via the Dyson Link companion app for iOS and Android.

The lighting fixture itself is made of an aluminium polycarbonate stem topped off with an Intelligent Optical Head with 360° manoeuvrability, an upgrade from its predecessor. The overall design looks minimalistic and modern.

The Lightcycle Morph also boasts long-lasting high-quality light aided by innovative heat pipe technology which disperses heat evenly away from the LEDs – avoiding discolouration and extending the life of the light to a quoted 60 years.

If you’re in the market for a smart light with such intricately tailored technology, you’ll need deep pockets: prices start from £500 for the desk lamp and £650 for the floor-standing version. The lamp goes on sale at 6pm on 29 January 2020. 

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