This is the best Bluetooth speaker deal of Black Friday so far

Andy White
19 Nov 2021

Bang & Olufsen's sensational second-gen Beosound A1 Bluetooth speaker receives a very rare price cut

Bang & Olufsen's sensational second-generation Beosound A1 Bluetooth speaker is on offer for just the third time this year in a Black Friday deal not to be missed.

The Beosound A1 was crowned best Bluetooth speaker at our Product of the Year awards in 2020 and remains one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

It rarely budges from its £200 RRP but that has changed ahead of Black Friday, with Amazon knocking £40 off the asking price of the grey mist, black and green variants, which now cost £160.

If you'd rather have the pink or gold-tone version, those are available at a discounted price of £169.

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Combining exceptional audio and an eye-catching aesthetic, the Beosound A1 is a Bluetooth speaker par excellence.

Sound quality is nothing short of superb, with the 3.5in woofer and 0.6in tweeter delivering beautiful balance and oodles of detail. Those drivers are powered by 30W amplifiers and the A1 packs a real punch given its diminutive stature.

Support for the aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec is a particularly welcome inclusion as it facilitates top-notch audio quality and minimal latency when streaming content. Four listening modes - optimal, ambient, party and speech - can be switched between in the B&O companion app and you can even create your own EQ should you feel the need.

An adjustable leather strap makes this portable speaker a doddle to carry around and its IP67 rating means you can use it outside worry-free.

The Beosound A1 also has a smart trick up its sleeve in the form of Amazon Alexa support. This isn't built-in like you'd find with a smart speaker like the Echo Studio but instead requires you to link the A1 to the Alexa account on your smartphone.

Once that's done, you can access the wonderful world of Alexa using the usual wake word, assuming your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi and you're within Bluetooth range of the speaker.

The Beosound A1 can also double up as a speakerphone for calls and microphone clarity is more than good enough to be heard without any issues.

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Bang & Olufsen specialise in premium products and the Beosound A1 is no exception. It oozes class both in terms of how it sounds and how it looks, which is probably why we so seldom see it discounted.

Given how rare offers on it are, this really is a Black Friday deal worth taking advantage of.

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