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Best window cleaner 2023: Streak-free satisfaction from just 65p

The best window cleaner sprays to keep your windows squeaky clean and streak-free

With the best window cleaners, there are few household tasks more satisfying – transforming windows from grubby panes into clear sheets of glass. But for so many of us, DIY window cleaning is rife with frustration and failure, with stubborn streaks and dribbles destroying all best efforts.

It’s possible to clean your windows to a professional standard but it takes a little know-how and the right tools for the job.

Some people swear by vinegar washes, or giving glass a good soak down with a bucket of washing up liquid – solutions that have stood the test of time. However, there are plenty of sprays on the market which make application easy and promise swift, streak-free windows.

This roundup includes natural, non-toxic products as well as options for small budgets. Almost all can be used for other glass surfaces including shower walls and table tops. All products were tested on the same day, within the same hour on long panes from a stretch of bi-fold doors. Each pane was quickly wiped down with a damp cloth to get rid of surface dust, dirt and cobwebs before any product was used.

Best window cleaner: At a glance

  • Best for fresh fragrance: Method Glass & Surface | Buy now
  • Best natural product: Kinn Lavender Glass Cleaner | Buy now
  • Best for streak-free shine: TruWash QuickShine | Buy now
  • Best for cutting through grease: Essential Window & Glass Cleaner | Buy now
  • Best for budgets: Power Force Window Cleaner | Buy now

How to choose the best window cleaner for you

What does it smell like?

This might not seem important but cleaning windows can be a laborious task and using a spray which smells horrible or toxic will make the chore unbearable. Pick a spray with a pleasant fragrance and you’ll find the whole process much more enjoyable.

Aside from a spray, what else do I need to clean my windows?

Either recycled paper towel or lint free cloths are essential and they must be completely clean before using them to wipe a window. You’ll get a beautiful shine with just a spray and these. However, many people swear by employing some crumpled up newspaper. The printers’ ink gives your windows some super sparkle when used as a buffer on freshly cleaned windows.

Do I need to perfect my technique?

If you find yourself left with streaks, all you have to do is wash them away – don’t add more solution. In fact, always take a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to how much you spray on. Too much and it might froth up and cause mess and streaking. And never use a razor or knife to remove grime that seems to be stuck fast (looking at you, pigeon poo) unless you want to potentially cause scratches or scuffs.

Do I need my cleaner to be a multitasker?

It’s always a bonus to find a product that can work on a few different things. Just take care when it comes to using window cleaners on eyeglasses, phone screens and stainless steel – these items are more delicate and might react badly to strong cleaning solutions.

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When should I clean my windows?

People often make the mistake of cleaning their windows on hot or sunny days – partly because it’s more pleasant to work in sunshine but also because the abundance of light makes it easier to spot grime. However, bright sunlight drying windows too quickly is what causes those pesky streaks. For best results, clean your windows on an overcast, cool day.

The best window cleaners you can buy in 2023

1. Kinn Lavender Glass Cleaner: Best natural product

Price: £4.50 for 500ml | Buy now from Kinn Living

This smells more like an essential oil room spray as far as the delicious lavender fragrance goes, but this spray works really hard, replacing dirt with shine in minutes. Kinn advises using a lint-free cloth but we used recycled paper towels with only a few sprays and it did a great job, even making light work of a bird poo, proving that natural, non-toxic products can be super strong and effective. It’s kind to the environment, too – a really impressive spray from a really impressive brand and while one shouldn’t judge anything by its packaging, this is totally chic.

Key specs – Quantity: 500ml

Buy now from Kinn Living

2. Method Glass & Surface: Best for fresh fragrance

Price: £4 for 828ml | Buy now from Big Green Smile

This smells exactly like mouthwash – a strong, sweet, mint fragrance. Used with recycled paper towels, the spray mechanism is generous and you won’t need to use too much to lift dirt and get a clear, mark-free shine. This didn’t foam up at all and there was no need for heavy scrubbing and rubbing – a light wipe was all it took.

It’s also non-toxic. Method’s commitment to the environment is commendable, ensuring they have nothing but recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Key specs – Quantity: 828ml

Buy now from Big Green Smile

3. Power Force Window Cleaner: Best for small budgets

Price: 65p for 750ml | Buy now from Aldi

This smells really good – like a tropical cocktail, although definitely one you shouldn’t put anywhere near your mouth. Used with a paper towel the Power Force cleaner was easy to spray on. It foamed up a little bit but when we washed it down with water it all came off cleanly without leaving any streaks. An absolute bargain.

Key specs – Quantity: 750ml

Buy now from Aldi

4. Essential Window & Glass Cleaner: Best for cutting through grease

Price: £1 for 750ml | Buy now from Waitrose

This smells lovely and sweet, slightly tropical. It was used with a paper towel and put through its paces on a patch of glass with two small, sausage-grease handprints. We didn’t need to scrub or apply too much pressure, the spray dissolved the grease easily and the entire pane was wiped to a high shine.

Key specs – Quantity: 750ml

Buy now from Waitrose

5. TruWASH QuickShine Solution: Best for streak-free shine

Price: £5 for 750ml | Buy now from TruWash

This product is extraordinary, mainly because it is just water that has been repeatedly refined through five filters, demineralising it in the process. Because of this, the water acts as a sort of ‘dust magnet’, drawing in dirt to replace its depleted minerals. It is clear, smells of nothing, but boy does it clean and shine with almost no effort.

You’ll need to buy lint free cloth (TruWash offers its own) as this is part of the magic, but honestly you need almost no elbow grease to get a gleaming window in under two minutes.

Key specs – Quantity: 750ml

Buy now from TruWash

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