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Tassimo My Way 2 TAS6507GB review: Improved flavour with hot drinks on demand

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £100
inc VAT

A focus on taste makes the Tassimo by Bosch My Way 2 drinks machine a versatile crowd-pleaser


  • Quiet
  • Ability to save settings
  • Integrated Brita filter


  • No bin for discs
  • Prone to spitting when hot
  • Compatible discs only

If you’re already a fan of the Tassimo pod system or are keen to find a sleek coffee machine that can also keep the whole family supplied with a range of hot drinks, turn to the My Way 2. An improvement on the original My Way Tassimo machine, the My Way 2 unites everything that made the previous model a hit with the addition of a built-in Brita filter in the water tank.

Designed to reduce limescale and chlorine content, the filter claims to produce better-tasting drinks as well as make limescale less of an issue. With this creating an additional cost, though, the My Way 2 might not be the machine for everybody.

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Tassimo My Way 2 review: What do you get for the money?

The My Way 2 is one of Tassimo’s priciest machines at £100, followed by the Joy (£45) and the Suny (£40). The Vivy, Happy and Style all tend to have an inflated RRP but can more often be found for under £40.

What sets the My Way 2 apart from its predecessor and most of the other Tassimo machines is its integral Brita filter system, which sits within the 1.3L water tank. The machine features a removable holder that houses a Maxtra cartridge and a hinged lid, which can be removed to allow the cartridge to be replaced. The lid also has an eight-week countdown timer, so you know when it’s time to change the cartridge.

At the front, there’s a drip tray that adjusts into four positions depending on the size of your cup, a pad of touch-sensitive buttons to toggle presets for coffee strength, temperature and amount of water, as well as to save your four favourite settings. Once set up, the controls are easy enough for mature kids to use. The top of the machine lifts up so you can insert a T Disc – Tassimo’s version of a coffee pod – and once it’s finished brewing, the disc needs to be removed.

As well as the coffee settings, there are two icons that illuminate when the water tank is empty or when it’s time for descaling. This requires you to use the “service disc”, which is tucked into a slot at the side of the machine along with instructions – handy for keeping them safe.

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Tassimo My Way 2 review: What’s good about it?

As Tassimo fans will know, the collection of drinks on offer includes brands such as Kenco, Costa, Cadbury and Milka, as well as generic drinks for hot chocolate, tea, lattes, cappuccinos and decaf – there are more than 70 in total. The ability to create frothy milk from discs, without having a fridge nearby, is a big plus, though the mixture often contains sugar and isn’t always to everyone’s taste. We preferred the milk discs when combined with a relatively strong and long coffee to balance the sweetness.

The My Way 2 machine enables you to make the most of this range, giving more control over drink size, temperature and strength when compared to other Tassimo machines such as the Vivy 2, which will only prepare drinks one way. This means that if you’ve found a coffee you like, but prefer it longer/shorter, stronger/weaker or hotter/cooler, it’s simple to adjust, and you can even save your preference. For example, being able to make hot chocolate as a long drink meant I could avoid the sickly taste sometimes associated with sweeter drinks.

The four-position cup platform is another feature you won’t find on the cheaper Tassimo machines, which usually have three to choose from. This gives you slightly more choice over your cup without splashes. Compared to many coffee machines, the My Way 2 machine is also relatively quiet when brewing, making it great for bleary-eyed mornings. It’s not as compact as the Vivy 2, Suny or Happy, but it’s by no means a worktop space-hog either at just 23 x 32.5 X 29cm (WDH) and it will easily tuck below wall units.

Another benefit of the My Way 2 is there’s a choice of four glossy colours: cream, black, red and white, so you can find your favourite to coordinate with your kitchen.

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Tassimo My Way 2 review: What could be better?

While the machine’s tank now includes a Brita filter cartridge, it’s equipped with the same size water tank as the previous model. This means that while the tank can potentially hold 1.3L, in reality it’s capacity is reduced to 1L, so you’ll be filling the machine up a third more frequently.

Another element that could be improved is the presets – they’re fixed, with no option to set a specific amount of water outside of the three on offer. The low 3.3 bar pressure of this machine means it struggles to replicate the sweetness of a freshly brewed espresso, too. While the crema on our espresso looked thick and enticing, the coffee had a bitter edge and lacked the syrupy mouth feel you expect from a 15-19 bar pressure machine. The hot temperature setting also tended to spit towards the end of brewing.

As with all Tassimo machines, pod ejection could be better. There’s still no way to dispose of the T Discs internally, meaning you’ll need a bin or container nearby and occasionally that can get messy. T Discs aren’t compostable, either. While there is a recycling scheme, Podback, for used T Discs, you’ll need to order your free bags online from Tassimo.

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Tassimo by Bosch My Way 2 review: Should you buy it?

There’s a lot to like about this capsule machine – it’s family-friendly, with variable settings, simple controls and a good variety of capsules. The Brita Maxtra filter can make a real difference to the taste of your coffee, depending on the water quality where you live, as well as reducing maintenance.

Those replacement filters do create an ongoing cost on top of your capsules – around £32 a year – and changing the filter creates an extra task every eight weeks or so. In addition, buying the My Way 2 means you’ll only have the choice of the T Discs on offer – unlike the rapidly expanding array of Nespresso and Nespresso-compatible pods. That said, if you love the drinks available and are looking for a large-capacity machine with more flexibility than the smaller Tassimo models, the My Way 2 could be your way, too.

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