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Oclean W10 Portable Oral Irrigator review: A top-performing water flosser

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The Oclean W10 Portable Oral Irrigator is a practical, powerful and well designed water flosser


  • Good range of attachments
  • Attractive, colourful design
  • Affordably priced


  • Water tank needs refilling regularly
  • Water tank occasionally leaked
  • No travel or storage case

According to dentists, we should be flossing daily – and Oclean’s W10 Portable Oral Irrigator – or water flosser – aims to make that task as simple as possible. 

Unlike the traditional method of flossing, the Oclean W10 shoots out a stream of high-pressure water around the teeth and gums to remove trapped food and other particles. This delivers a far more in-depth clean than brushing alone. We’ve been testing the eye-catching Oclean W10 to see if it can out-perform its many rivals.

Even though it has a more compact design than most flossers, we were pleased with the W10’s performance. It worked a treat in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, and comes with four nozzles for different types of cleaning. Despite a few minor flaws I’ve outlined in this review, I think the W10 is a good water flosser to invest in.

Oclean W10 Portable Oral Irrigator review: What do you get for the money?

Available in two colours, pink or green, the W10 water flosser comprises a slim white body and a 200ml detachable water reservoir. The latter is transparent, allowing you to keep an eye on water levels as you floss.

For the £70 price tag, you also get four different nozzles for cleaning: a standard nozzle for general tooth flossing; an orthodontic nozzle for people with braces; a periodontal tip for cleaning pockets around the gums; plus a tongue scraping nozzle for cleaning the roof of your mouth and tongue. These are attached at the top of the water flosser and can be easily switched out using a secure button release system. Replacement nozzles start at £30 for a pack of 4; your nozzle will need replacing every six months. 

Oclean has done a great job of making the W10 aesthetically pleasing. With most water flossers arriving in either black or white, the splash of colour here makes the W10 a super stylish addition around your bathroom sink. And with dimensions of 5 x 7 x 27cm (WDH), it’s pretty compact and lightweight in the hand compared with other bulkier models on the market. 

Finally, a USB-C charging port and cable in the box mean that not only is it simple to top up the W10’s power when it’s running low, it’s travel-friendly, too. Unfortunately, Oclean doesn’t supply a travel case, or anywhere to store the extra nozzles included – this would be beneficial since the nozzles are small and could easily be misplaced.

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Oclean W10 Portable Oral Irrigator review: What is it like to use? 

If you’re new to water flossers, then be prepared because it takes some getting used to. Choose the appropriate nozzle for the type of clean you want and slot it into the opening at the top of the device. For most people, that will be the standard nozzle.

Filling the water tank is a breeze; simply flip open the water refill plug at the top of the W10’s handle and fill it using water from the sink. Just make sure you re-seal the tank’s plug securely; on occasion I found the tank leaked a tiny bit if it wasn’t firmly in place. It is unclear whether this is a design fault on my product, or a universal problem with the Oclean W10. 

The water tank holds 200ml, which should be sufficient to last one cleaning cycle. On occasion, I found that I had to refill the W10 during a cycle, but this was mainly when opting for the powerful “Intensive” cleaning modes. Typically, cleaning on intensive mode required a tank and a half of water.

On the flip side, water flossers with bigger water tanks are often heavier and feel more cumbersome in the hand. Thanks to its smaller tank the W10 felt comfortable, even if I didn’t use the thick strap.  If needed, the strap provides an alternative method for gripping the flosser for people who have fine motor issues.

The flosser offers five different flossing modes: Intensive, Standard, Gentle, Pulsating and On-Demand mode. The first, as the name suggests, is the most intense. In fact, I found it far too powerful for my teeth, causing my gums to feel sore with slight swelling in the upper part of my mouth. If you have more sensitive gums like mine, Gentle mode is perfect for removing trapped food particles, without causing irritation or soreness.

To turn the W10 on and off, simply press the circular button at the top of the unit, below the oblong-shaped floss tip release button. To switch between floss modes, simply press the button directly below the power button. It’s easy to see which floss modes you’re using since there are LED indicator lights of varying sizes to indicate power levels. Thankfully, since there are only two control buttons, it’s super easy to use without accidentally pressing the wrong button and drowning your bathroom in water.

Each time you press the power button, the cleaning cycle lasts for 70 seconds, giving you time for a quick all-round floss, or to refill the water tank and continue with a deeper clean. We’ve got a full length guide on ‘How to use a water flosser’ if you’re in need of more advice.

Helpfully, the water reservoir can be detached for cleaning. This was a simple process to follow, however I did find the reservoir a little tricky to reattach after cleaning. Once I had done it a few times, though, the process was easy. 

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Oclean W10 Portable Oral Irrigator review: How well does it clean?

As mentioned previously, the Oclean W10 packs a powerful punch on its highest power settings, blasting away food and debris that had gotten stuck between the teeth. For most of my daily tests, I used the standard nozzle, but I also tested the tongue scraper and periodontal pocket nozzles a few times. The latter was perfect for precise cleaning around the gum line, particularly at the back corners of the mouth where food buildup is likely. 

Since I don’t have braces, I wasn’t really able to put the orthodontic nozzle through its paces. However, it has flexible bristles which are designed to direct water in between the tricky metal sections of a brace where food tends to accumulate, which should prove useful for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment.

During daily use, I found the Oclean W10 to be an excellent water flosser. Once I’d settled on a mode that felt right for my sensitivity level, I was able to use the W10 twice daily without any gum soreness, and it left my mouth feeling exceptionally clean.

Oclean W10 Portable Oral Irrigator review: How long does the battery last?

As the Oclean W10 is a cordless water flosser, battery life is paramount. Although the instructions state the battery lasts for 30 days, I performed a battery run down test and found that the battery life was just shy of 170 minutes. If you’re flossing for an average of four minutes per day, that gives you a battery life of 42 days, which is fantastic.

When the battery gets low, the white light on the power button flashes red – a crystal clear sign it’s time to charge. If you find yourself travelling when this indicator comes on, don’t worry: it kept running for six more cycles before it gave up the ghost in our battery life tests. 

The water flosser is charged through a handy USB-C cable included in the box. Simply flip open the silicone cover for the power inlet, plug it in and the Oclean W10 will be fully charged ready for use in four hours. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Oclean W10 Portable Oral Irrigator review: Should you buy it?

Long story short, the Oclean W10 water flosser is an easy recommendation. Not only does it deliver a powerful clean, but it’s stylish, aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. Compared to other water flossers on the market around this price, the W10’s four nozzles and five cleaning modes offer a versatile clean for a variety of individual needs – brace wearers, those with pesky periodontal pockets or those with sensitive gums are covered. While the water tank might need refilling mid-clean, its smaller size also makes this flosser lightweight and compact, and therefore more comfortable to use and suitable for travel. That is especially true since its battery life outperforms many of its rivals.

If it’s missing anything, then it would be storage for the various nozzles and a travel case for those times you’re away from home. Nevertheless, for maintaining good oral hygiene day to day and during orthodontic treatment, the W10 Portable Oral Irrigator should be on your list.

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