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How to watch Home Sweet Home Alone in the US, UK and abroad

Everyone's favourite Christmas film just got a new addition to the family

If you are seeking to experience the Christmas nostalgia that only Home Alone brings, look no further. The all-new Home Sweet Home Alone hits a sweet spot between sequel and remake, meaning it can be watched by fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. Home Sweet Home Alone is available to stream in the UK and the US on Disney Plus in 4K.

This time around, after attending an open house, Max Mercer is left behind in typical Home Alone fashion. Max indulges in the freedom of being alone that only a child can truly appreciate – but not for long. Desperate for money, the owners of the open house accuse Max of stealing a valuable item and set about trying to retrieve it. It’s then up to Max to defend himself from the invaders with ingenious family-friendly violence.

Disney Plus costs £7.99/mth or £79/year for UK subscribers ($8/mth or $80/year in the US) and includes access to many new films and TV series, as well as many of Disney’s classic animated movies, the entire Marvel and Star Wars franchises, Pixar and Star for a vast selection of entertainment.

All of the previous Home Alone films are also available to stream on Disney Plus. The first Home Alone movie starring Macaulay Culkin is for many the epitome of Christmas films and gets them properly into the spirit of the season (a little bit like Die Hard). There have since been four sequels, each of which has a little twist on the brilliantly simple set-up of the first one.

With access to the previous films, it’s easy to start on a Home Alone marathon this Christmas. If you’re not in the same room together, you can set up GroupWatch on Disney Plus to watch all the films with friends or family and the film will be synchronized so it’s shown to you at the same time as everyone else.

We recommend starting with the very first film (arguably the best one) and working chronologically through to the newest one, Home Sweet Home Alone.

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How to watch Home Sweet Home Alone in the UK or US: Disney Plus

As long as you’re a resident living in the US or the UK you can watch the new movie with a subscription on Disney Plus, which costs £7.99/mth in the UK, $8/mth in the US, and lets up to four users watch simultaneously. If you are currently travelling or living abroad and do not have access to Disney Plus, as most streaming services are ‘geo-blocked’ these days, you might need to use a VPN service like Express VPN or NordVPN.

Read on to find out how.

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How to watch Home Sweet Home Alone abroad: Use a good VPN

If you are abroad or somewhere in the world where you cannot easily access your Disney Plus subscription, you can connect back home via one of the best VPNs. A good VPN does two things: First, it protects your web browsing and internet activity from malicious prying, and it means that not even your ISP can see what you do online. Secondly, it lets you connect and ‘spoof’ your IP address so that you can gain access to services as if you were back home without being blocked by streaming services telling you that you are in the wrong country.

How to watch Home Sweet Home Alone from abroad using a VPN

ExpressVPN is fast, user-friendly and secure and lets you watch Disney Plus from abroad with enough bandwidth to stream in 4K without interruption. ExpressVPN lets you choose between 3,000 servers in up to 94 countries, and it has a 30-day refund policy which is pretty great. ExpressVPN starts at £9.93/mth but for this Black Friday you can get a special deal for 12 months at the price of £5.11 in addition to three full months for free.

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NordVPN is another of our recommended VPNs and a superb all-rounder, giving you an easy-to-use interface and great connection speeds that work with most streaming services. Furthermore, Nord VPN has put itself through two independent audits in order to prove categorically that it does not store customer information. NordVPN costs £8.84/mth, but for its Black Friday special you can get their two-year plan for only £2.74/mth.

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