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Get a free Google Home Mini with the Fitbit Inspire HR

A bizarre deal, but a good one all the same

This is a bit of a baffling bundle, but that doesn’t make it any the worse for it. For some reason, Currys is bundling the excellent Fitbit Inspire HR fitness tracker with the decent Google Home Mini. It’s like bundling a set of skis with a toaster, but if you find yourself wanting both, then it’s still a great deal.

Why? Well, Currys is selling the pair for £79. Given the Fitbit Inspire HR goes for £79 on its own, and the Google Home Mini retails for £50, that’s a not insubstantial saving.
So what of the products themselves? Well, I reviewed both: the Inspire for Expert Reviews and the Home Mini for sister-site Alphr, so I have opinions. Gather round everybody…
Let’s start with the Fitbit Inspire HR. It’s a good little fitness tracker in the tradition of past Fitbit bands, with a stylish but understated design and all the data you could want on your wrist. Because it has a heart-rate monitor, it does far more in-depth sleep tracking stats than past devices, and if you’re happy to take your phone out on runs, it’ll piggyback off your phone’s GPS to give you in-run stats too.
I’m a little less positive about the Google Home Mini, but it’s for reasons you may or may not care about. My issue is with the lack of audio out jack, which means you have to use the built-in speaker. It’s fine for chatting with Google Assistant or listening to podcasts, but a bit weedy as a speaker for music. Yes, it can output music to Chromecast Audio, but that’s just one extra expense to consider. 
Still, it’s a good product for people looking to dip their toe in the world of smart speakers and smart homes, letting you ask Google the weather, what’s in your calendar, how your commute is looking and even if knows any good jokes.
In other words, £79 for both a Google Home Mini and a Fitbit Inspire HR is a damned good deal. Yes, the two go together like soup and salad, but if you find yourself in the market for both, then you won’t do better than this.   
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