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Nintendo’s new Wii U system update lets you access games quicker

Wii U GamePad

New Quick Start menu bypasses Wii U Home screen

Nintendo has released a new system update for its Wii U console that allows users to play games faster. Once the update has been downloaded, players will now see a new Quick Start menu appear on the Wii U GamePad controller when they first turn on the console.

This will show icons of ten recently used or installed games and applications, allowing players to effectively bypass the Wii U’s home screen and start playing games such as the excellent Mario Kart 8 without having to wait for the console to load the Mii Plaza.

The system update will also let users receive occasional notifications about new games, products and special promotions on their GamePad. This new addition may not be quite as welcome as the Quick Start menu, but fortunately users will be able to adjust or remove alert sounds and choose whether notifications can power on the GamePad when they arrive. You’ll also be able to prevent visual notifications from appearing during certain hours of the day, such as during the night, if you’d rather not be disturbed while you sleep.

Nintendo has also made it easier for new users to set up their Nintendo Network ID, which players use to buy games online through Nintendo’s eShop as well as participate in Miiverse communities.

This new update will also allow all future system updates to install automatically while the Wii U is in standby. Previously, updates could be downloaded while the console was in standby, but the console had to be turned on in order to install them.

The final addition in the new update lets players receive other notifications from the Home menu as well as the Wii U menu. These notifications are separate to the GamePad notifications.

To see the Quick Start menu in action, have a look at the video below:

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