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Sony Ultimate Player Edition 1TB PS4 will cost £349.99

1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition box

Sony also unveils a "new" version of the PS4, which is lighter, more energy efficient and has new matt finish, coming later this year

Sony has announced that its long-rumoured 1TB PlayStation 4 will be coming to Europe this month. Available from retailers from 15th July, the 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition has twice as much storage as the existing PS4, which only has a 500GB hard disk, giving you plenty of space to download upcoming games such as Batman: Arkham Knight and the latest Destiny expansions.

The 1TB Ultimate Player Edition will cost £349.99 (although GAME currently has it available on pre-order for £339.99) and for a limited time it will be bundled with Sony’s PlayStation TV as well, allowing you to stream PS4 games to another TV via Remote Play or play Vita games on the big screen. We gave PlayStation TV 4/5 stars when it first came out, saying it’s “well worth picking up and expanding your gaming reach” if you have a spare TV in your home, particularly with its recent price cut from £85 to just £45.

That’s not the only PS4 Sony’s announced recently, as it’s also unveiled a “new” version of the console which will be arriving in Japan at the end of June, with North America, Europe and Asia to follow in the coming months. This model is completely different to the 1TB Ultimate Player Edition mentioned above, as Sony’s said it’s 10% lighter (weighing approximately 2.5kg as opposed to 2.8kg) and 8% more energy efficient than the current model, with a max power consumption of 230W. It still measures 275x53x305mm, so it will still take up just as much room, but it should lighten the load slightly if you want to carry it round to a mate’s house for an evening of games. 

New PS4 with matt finish^ The New PS4 will be available in both black and white

Speaking of which, the HDD bay cover of the new PS4 now has a matt finish instead of a glossy one, which Sony says will give the console “a more casual look”. This will be particularly welcome news for anyone who’s tried carrying their PS4 round in their backpack, as we’ve found the glossy bay cover is extremely prone to getting scratched, so a matt finish should hopefully keep consoles looking better for longer. Otherwise, the console uses exactly the same hardware as the existing model. 

It’s not all good news, though, as the “new” PS4 won’t have a 1TB hard disk, and will ship instead with the standard 500GB hard disk according to Sony’s own specs sheet. This is a shame, but at least the 1TB Ultimate Player Edition will be able to compete with Microsoft’s newly-announced 1TB Xbox One, which the company unveiled two weeks ago prior to this year’s E3. Sony has yet to announce an official price for the “new” PS4 console, but you can currently buy a 1TB Xbox One for just £350, putting the ball firmly in Sony’s court. 

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