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When is the next Steam Sale 2019: The Steam Winter Sale is here

Brace your wallets: Christmas is almost upon us, and a season of Steam sales has begun

When is the next Steam Sale? This is perhaps the only question that matters. The last event – the Steam Black Friday Sale – came and went as predicted, but that was an age ago, and we’re getting impatient.

We’re keeping track of Steam sales right here so you don’t have to. Below, we’ve taken note of each sale as it passes, and spent countless hours and many sleepless nights forming a prediction on when to expect the next Steam Sale. Here are our findings.

Steam Sale 2019: Winter Sale

Like the changing of the tides and the waxing and waning of the moon, the Steam Winter Sale is steadfast and predictable. This year, it’s called the ” Steamville Holiday Event” and it’s live now, so be sure to have a browse; there are billions and zillions of titles on offer across every genre known to man.

In addition, you can earn tokens by playing games, and redeem further discounts on the Winter Sale products. Oh, and the Steam Award nomination period is here, which means you’ll have the opportunity to put your favourite (or least favourite) games forward to win awards in all kinds of whacky categories.

The Steam Winter Sale runs from 19 December – 2 January, according to a recent Steam Database leak.

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When is the next Steam Sale 2019?

The last Steam sale – the Black Friday or Autumn sale – ran from 26 November – 3 December.

Before that, the Steam Remote Play Together sale launched to celebrate the new Steam online co-op feature. This sale is actually still running; you can check it out here.

The Steam Halloween Sale ran from 28 October – 1 November, and was as gloriously spooky as any PC-gaming aficionado might hope. 

The Winter Steam Sale 2018, meanwhile took place remarkably close to our predictions, running from 20 December 2018 to 3 January 2019. We’re pretty proud of that one. 

Previously, the wildly popular Black Friday Steam Sale 2018 drew to a close on 27 November 2018, after running over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and before that there was a Halloween Sale that ran for just a couple days until 1 November.

If you’re dismayed to have missed the most recent sale, don’t fear. Looking ahead, an early Spring sale and ensuing Easter sale are certainly on the cards. Likewise, Valve may host a series of smaller sales in the meantime, but nothing of the same calibre as its monstrous seasonal sales.

The popular Steam Sale Countdown tool agrees, estimating that the Steam Halloween Sale will be the next opportunity to snag discounts, starting on 29 October 2019. That’s not too far away, and we’re already drooling at the thought.

Either way, while we wait for the next sale we’ve rounded up our favourite gaming headsets, favourite gaming keyboards, as well as the best gaming mice and gaming monitors that you can pair with your Steam purchases.

If you’re also in the market for a games console, we’ve rounded up deals on those, too. You can find PS4 and PS4 Pro deals as well as Xbox One S and Xbox One X deals. We’ve also put together a list of savings on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Steam Sales 2019: Everything you need to know

Steam Sales are, for many PC gamers, the highlight of the gaming calendar. Move over E3 and Gamescom – it’s the Steam Sale we really care about.

If you’re new to Valve’s Steam Sale, here’s the lowdown: Steam, the online PC games retailer and hub, runs a number of sales each year with absolutely absurd discounts across a wide range of titles. It’s the time of year you can pick up an almost-new release with a hefty discount if you act fast enough.

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It’s tricky to find the best deals during these sales, but SteamDB – not affiliated with Valve – shows all the best Steam Sale deals and any savings throughout the year.

While we wait for the next Steam Sale to come around, you can find a full list of the current Steam titles on offer here.

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