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Call of Duty WW2 UK release date: Available for preorder and pre-download

Call of Duty heads back in time to WW2, and it's now available to download ahead of the UK release date

Update: Call of Duty WW2 available to download and preorder now

With Call of Duty: WW2’s release date fast approaching, you can pre-download or preorder Activision’s Nazi shooter right now. Ahead of the launch, you can already download Call of Duty: WW2 on PS4, Xbox One and PCon, and can start playing as soon as the clocks chime midnight on November 3. Or you can preorder the game now and have it on the launch date.

As for Call of Duty: WW2’s file size, you better make sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive going spare. For Xbox One, the latest Call of Duty will require 45GB of space, while the PS4 version needs a crazy 90GB of free space. You better get to work deleting old games, or, invest in a bigger internal hard drive

That being said, here’s all you need to know about Call of Duty: WW2 ahead of the launch, including UK release date, UK price and multiplayer and singleplayer details.

Buy Call of Duty WW2 now

PS4 – Buy it for £48 at Tesco here

Xbox – Buy it for £48 at Tesco here

PC – Buy it for £40 at Tesco here

Currys – Xbox One S with COD WW2, Quantum Break and Halo 5: £199.99 down from £377.96 

Currys – Xbox One S with COD WW2, Quantum Break, Halo 5 and Xbox Live Gold: £209 down from £392.95

Call of Duty: WW2: Everything you need to know

Developed by Sledgehammer Games, the devs behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: WW2 is going to take place during the Second World War. The Call of Duty series might be known for its Hollywood production values, but the first three Call of Duty games also prided themselves on looking at historical events accurately.

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Returning to WW2 makes the next Call of Duty arguably the most interesting entry in the Call of Duty franchise since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Since then the series has continued down the route of modern and future conflict, sometimes even dabbling in science fiction. Activision’s move to wind the clock back on its franchise and return to the series’ roots is definitely a bold one.

Call of Duty WW2 UK price: How much will it cost?

As for price, the standard edition – which includes the game and access to the private multiplayer Beta – will set you back £48. Itching to spend more? You can pick up the Pro edition, which comes with the game, season pass and exclusive in-game items.

Call of Duty WW2 release date: When does it launch?

Activision has finally set a date for Call of Duty: WW2. In typical Call of Duty fashion, the game launches on 3 November 2017.

This was hardly surprising news, especially considering studio co-founder Michael Condrey let slip that November would be the month the game ships prior to the official game debut. Interestingly, this early November window was also mentioned on a leaked piece of marketing found by CharlieIntel.

An early November window means that Activision has dodged the Star Wars Battlefront 2 bullet, which will be landing a week or two later, and therefore should give Call of Duty: WW2 more of a fighting chance.

Call of Duty WW2 single player: What’s new?

It isn’t yet clear exactly how the single player and co-op campaigns will work in Call of Duty: WW2, but going by a select few marketing materials it appears as if they’ve been kept separate yet again. Previously, Call of Duty allowed for co-op play through small, self-contained, objective-based levels. In Call of Duty: WW2, that could be different.

Activision’s co-op mode is listed as a “new and original story” that’s a “standalone game experience” – suggesting more than simply a bunch of co-op missions. Little is known about the single-player campaign too, but as it seems to cover the Normandy D-Day landings, it’s likely to follow the story of the Allied assault in Europe.

Call of Duty WW2 story: Will it be historically accurate?

It’s tempting to look at the Call of Duty franchise and think little more than “bros” being “bros” as you 360 no-scope someone from across the map. It isn’t helped by Black Ops 3′s marijuana weapons skins, nor the bombastic trailers and ad campaigns that have been used to advertise the Hollywood explosions since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

With Call of Duty: WW2, you have to hope that Activision and Sledgehammer Games are taking a more tactful approach to both the game’s storyline and gameplay, alongside its big marketing push. So far, all the released artwork and gameplay footage seems somewhat sombre and tasteful, something akin to Band of Brothers or The Pacific than The Expendables. It’s also worth remembering that the original Call of Duty games followed real people through real campaigns, showing the world that war isn’t the fun free-for-all that other shooters seemed to revel in.

Battlefield 1 did a reasonable job of showing the grimness of war while also wanting you to have a blast in it, but it also wasn’t very true-to-life. Sledgehammer Games has, according to studio co-founder Michael Condrey, been researching the Second World War for more than two and a half years whilst creating Call of Duty: WWII, so let’s hope the gravity of the situation has sunk in somewhat.

But what are the important details we know so far about Call of Duty: WW2 following its official livestream unveiling? Below, you’ll find the bits of information worth knowing about 2017’s Call of Duty, including UK release date, price and multiplayer details.

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