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Best gaming desk 2021: Our favourite sitting, standing and L-shaped desks for PC and console gaming

Ben Johnston
19 Jul 2021

Level up your rig and camp out at one of the best gaming desks you can buy

While even the best gaming desk won’t magically carry you to the top of the leaderboards in Warzone, having an accessible and comfortable gaming setup is instrumental in optimising your performance. Whether it’s preventing back pain that would distract you from the task at hand or affording you that crucial extra inch of mouse manoeuvrability, the best gaming desk will empower you to bring your A-game.

Below, you’ll find our carefully curated selection of gaming desks for all needs, including both sitting and standing, as well as desks that transition between the two, and L-shaped corner desks. If you’re unsure of the benefits of each type you can read our in-depth buying guide before checking out the products to see our top picks.

Either way, read on to see our selection of the best gaming desks you can buy right now, and find the perfect piece to complement your setup and style.

Best gaming desk: At a glance

  • Best ultrawide desk: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk | Buy now
  • Best L-shaped desk: SIMBR L-Shaped Desk | Buy now
  • Best standing desk: DEVAISE Adjustable Standing Desk | Buy now
  • Best budget desk: TOPSKY GT-101A | Buy now
  • Best motorized desk: PURUSLIFE Electric Desk | Buy now
  • Best PC case desk: Lian-Li DK-04F | Buy now
  • Best RGB desk: Cougar Mars 120 | Buy now

How to choose the best gaming desk for you

What different types of gaming desk are there?

Strictly speaking, any desk can be a gaming desk, if you believe enough. Still, much like mice and keyboards, the best gaming desk for you will likely be specially designed to make your play session as comfortable and accessible as possible. The ways in which they achieve this can vary, but generally, most gaming desks will fall into one of the following categories.

Sitting desks are pretty much your standard desk, designed to allow comfortable legroom underneath and ergonomic access to mice and keyboards. Gaming varieties of sitting desks ll often include additional features, such as a cup holder or a hook to hang your headphones off, to keep your setup organised. These desks are best suited to a smaller PC setup with just one or two screens, or a gaming laptop.

L-shaped desks are just like sitting desks, but shaped roughly like an “L”. In seriousness, these are perfect for sitting in a corner, giving you more desktop space for all your gear. If you also work from home, this can be a great way to differentiate between work time and gaming time: just have your workstation on one side of the desk, and when it’s time to clock off, you can swivel round to the gaming station and blow off some steam.

If you love logging long hours of gameplay but don’t relish the idea of sitting for extended periods, investing in a standing desk could be your happy medium. The health benefits of standing desks are numerous, ranging from avoiding aches and pains by improving posture to lessening the risks of heart disease that are associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

While most standing desks can be adjusted to also serve as sitting desks, if you often find yourself switching between the two modes, doing this manually can become tiresome. Enter motorised desks, which can be preset to certain heights, and transition between them with the press of a button. You usually get two or three settings, so you can go from sitting to standing quickly and smoothly.

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How much should I be spending?

The short answer is: as much as you’re willing to invest in a gaming desk. You can easily get a decent budget option for under £100, with some running as low as £50, but these will naturally come with the exclusion of certain features. If your needs are simple, and your setup relatively small, one of these low-cost options should suffice.

Conversely, with more advanced features comes a higher price tag, so for desks that are ultrawide, motorised, or offer wireless charging for your phone, you could be looking at anywhere between £100 and £400. At the very top of the range, you can get a desk that doubles as a case for your PC, which, as well as being brilliantly futuristic, helps to save space around the desk. This is the premium end of gaming desks, so expect to spend well over £1,000 here.

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The best gaming desks to buy in 2021

1. TOPSKY GT-101A: The best budget gaming desk

Price: From £50 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’ve already exhausted most of your budget on building the perfect gaming rig, TOPSKY’s affordable gaming desk will complete your setup without breaking the bank. For the low price, you get a surprising number of features, including a hook for hanging your headphones on, a cup-holder and an elevated monitor stand for more ergonomic viewing.

The sturdy Z-shaped feet keep the table stable when playing Fable, and there’s a grommet in each of the back corners for keeping your cables neat and out of the way. Keeping the electronics clear of the cup-holder certainly seems like a wise design choice, but even if you do get a little flamboyant with your victory dance, the waterproof carbon fibre surface means that you won’t have to worry about stains or warping.

Key specs – Height: 77cm; Desktop dimensions (WxD): 120 x 60cm (regular), 140 x 60cm (large); Monitor stand dimensions (WxD): 73 x 24cm; Weight supported: Up to 91kg; Colours: All black, red, black and red

2. Arozzi Arena: The best ultrawide gaming desk

Price: From £299 | Buy now from Amazon

For those of you who like to use multiple screens when gaming, Arozzi’s Arena is going to be the way to go. Wide enough to hold a three-monitor setup, this desk gives you plenty of room for all of your equipment. The ultrawide surface is completely covered with an interchangeable microfibre mousepad, allowing for the largest possible range of mouse movement. The mousepad surface is also water-resistant, so any spills will be easy to wipe away.

Both the pad and the desk surface itself have three cutouts, which allow cables to be fed through to a mesh basket on the underside for convenient and tangle-free cable management. These cutouts can also be used to attach monitor arms, keeping your setup stable and saving even more space by removing monitor bases.

Key specs – Height: 71-81cm (adjustable); Desktop dimensions (WxD): 160 x 82cm; Weight supported: Up to 80kg (evenly distributed); Colours: Black, blue, green, pure black, red, white

3. SIMBR L-Shaped Desk: The best L-shaped gaming desk

Price: £90 | Buy now from Amazon

Regardless of whether you have more equipment than your current desk can manage, or you work from home and need separate spaces for business and pleasure, an L-shaped gaming desk is a great investment. The SIMBR features two-way assembly, meaning you can have the narrower desktop on either the left- or right-hand side, whichever is best suited for you. Once assembled, there’s plenty of space for all your gaming peripherals, as well as a detachable monitor stand for elevating your screen to eye height.

The X-shaped steel frame is designed to keep everything steady when your gaming session gets a little heated – especially handy if you plan to use the monitor stand as a display shelf for precious collectables – and the feet can be adjusted for maximum stability on uneven ground. The top of the desk is coated with a waterproof and scratch-resistant protective layer, which should keep your desk looking pristine if any spills or slips do occur.

Key specs – Height: 75cm; Desktop dimensions (WxD): 148 x 48cm (first surface), 112 x 48cm (second surface); Weight supported: 79.83kg; Colours: Black

4. DEVAISE Adjustable Standing Desk: The best standing gaming desk

Price: £166 | Buy now from Amazon

DEVAISE’s adjustable standing desk is a sleek and stylish choice for taking your gaming sessions to greater heights, both physically and metaphorically. Designed with a hand crank that can be used on either side of the desk for convenient access, this standing desk can quickly and steadily be raised or lowered to your desired height, all while you pretend you’re winding up an old-timey car. Not bad at all.

The desktop itself is broad enough for two monitors to sit comfortably on, or three if you tuck them close together, while still leaving plenty of space for all your peripherals and accessories. The sturdy steel frame will keep everything from wobbling around both when stationary and during height transitions, and the feet can be adjusted to find the perfect balance on any flooring.

Key specs – Height: 75-115cm; Desktop dimensions (WxD): 140 x 60cm; Weight supported: Up to 45kg; Colours: Black

5. PURUSLIFE Electric Desk: The best smart gaming desk

Price: £475 | Buy now from PURUSLIFE

If you foresee regular switching between sitting and standing, it’s worth investing a little more and securing an electric desk to make your life easier. PURUSLIFE’s desk is a great choice in this scenario, as for your money you get so much more than just motorised height adjustment. On that front, the touchscreen can remember up to four heights, so you can easily switch with the press of a button, and the dual motors ensure that transitions are fast and quiet.

There are also three USB ports built into the desk, for keeping all your devices charged, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a wireless charging pad on the desktop itself. While not quite as high-tech as some of the other features, the embedded desk drawer is still a nice touch and spacious enough for keeping all your hardware or stationery in.

Key specs – Height: 74-119cm; Desktop dimensions (WxD): 120 x 60cm; Weight supported: 120kg; Colours: Black

Buy now from PURUSLIFE

6. Cougar Mars 120: The best gaming desk with RGB lights

Price: £168 | Buy now from CCL Online

Sick of your gaming sessions not coming with a matching light show? Look no further. Cougar’s Mars 120 gaming desk is ergonomically curved for greater comfort and a wider range of mouse movement. The desktop itself is scratch-resistant, and wide enough for all your gaming accessories, and the control panel in the rear-right corner provides convenient access for connecting ancillary USB and audio devices.

That’s all great, of course, but the real showstopper here is the desk’s compatibility with 5V motherboards using software such as Asus Aura Sync or ASRock Polychrome Sync. If that means nothing to you, the short version is that the ARGB strips on the desk can be synced with your system, pulsing and changing colour in tandem with music or in-game action, delivering a spectacular, fully immersive gaming experience.

Key specs - Height: 81cm; Desktop dimensions (WxD): 120 x 74cm; Weight supported: 150kg; Colours: Black

Buy now from CCL Online

7. Lian-Li DK-04F: A gaming desk that’s also a PC case

Price: £1,601 | Buy now from Amazon

Still here after seeing that price tag? Ok then, welcome to the major leagues. This sleek and stylish desk offers plenty of features already covered on this list - including motorised height adjustment, RGB control and built-in USB ports - but the reason for the exorbitant price is that this desk is designed to double as a PC case. As well as clearing some space around your feet by removing the need for a tower, building your PC into a desk offers some serious benefits, including keeping your components cooler, and giving you extra space for expansions and upgrades.

On that front, the desk has room for GPUs up to 39cm in length and CPU coolers up to 18.5cm in height, a removable motherboard tray for easy installation, four removable drive trays and support for liquid cooling systems, all primed for you to build the ultimate gaming rig. For one final flourish, the desktop is made from 8mm tempered glass, which not only gives the desk a sophisticated finish, but also can switch between fogged and clear at the press of a button, giving you the option to elegantly display your painstakingly constructed system. I mean, what’s the point of going through all this if you can’t show it off afterwards?

Key specs - Height: 68.9 - 117.5cm; Desktop dimensions: 100 x 75cm; Weight supported: Up to 80kg; Colours: Black