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Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones hit their lowest price ever

Best-in-class ANC tech now £50 cheaper

For the longest time, the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones were simply the gold standard of noise-cancelling cans. Originally introduced in 2003, Bose finally released the long-awaited follow up this year, and the 700 series is even better. It is, however, also more expensive.
But now the Bose 700 Bluetooth headphones are cheaper than they’ve ever been before at Amazon, where you can pick up a set in black, silver or limited-edition white for £299 – a £50 saving on the RRP.
That’s a saving of 14% and seems to be the lowest price they’ve ever been. If you feel more comfortable with the two-year warranty offered by John Lewis, then it’s the same price for the black or silver versions, though the white set is £20 more.
So how are they? Well, I haven’t personally used them, though I still wear my QC35s every day. But Chris said they were “the best Bluetooth headphones Bose has ever made” in his review for us earlier this year. 

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“The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are supremely stylish, and when it comes to sound quality and noise-cancelling they retain most of the strengths of their esteemed predecessors, the QC35,” he wrote.
“The problem is, Sony, has set an incredibly high benchmark with the WH-1000XM3, and the 700s can’t quite match it,” he continued. “The Sony headphones might not be as stylish, but they house more features, sound better, block out more noise and are around £80 cheaper. Given the choice, it’s obvious which one I’d pick.”
Fortunately, Amazon has also seen fit to reduce the aforementioned Sony headphones as well, letting you buy them for £247.99.
Whichever you pick, you won’t regret the upgrade, I’m sure. I would never have spent over £60 or so on headphones in the past, only upgrading to my Bose cans because they came free with a smartphone last year. 
If I lost them tomorrow, you can bet I’d be quickly paying full whack to replace them – riding on the Tube without them feels intolerable now. 
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