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AirPods Pro: Now EVEN cheaper in Black Friday deal

The price of the AirPods Pro keeps sinking, courtesy of competition between Amazon and John Lewis

Apple’s noise-cancelling Airpods Pro are rarely discounted, let alone discounted twice in one week, making this Black Friday deal from John Lewis a tempting chance to grab a pair of the buds for a sub-£200 price. 

Initially £199 at Amazon, John Lewis clearly wanted to do one better and has shaved a further £1 from the deal price, bringing it down to £198. Amazon responded by doing the same, but since John Lewis offers a two-year guarantee, we reckon you’re safer buying the AirPods Pro there.

Buy now from John Lewis

We were big fans of Apple’s Airpods Pro. In our five-star review, we praised the excellent sound quality and terrific active noise cancellation (ANC).

As our reviewer Nick Harris-Fry writes: “The AirPods Pro are truly wireless in-ear buds that upgrade the standard AirPod design with ANC technology that monitors and filters out external noise. They look different, too: the stems are shorter, and now contain capacitive force sensors which can be used to control playback. There’s also a new set of silicone tips that fit snugly into the ear canal.”

The earbuds are also water and sweat resistant, which is handy if you’re planning on taking them out for a rainy jog. They’re generally a great fit for exercise, and the ANC is an effective way to shut out the blare of the world if you’re trying to focus on other things.

“The AirPods Pro are a brilliant set of headphones,” Nick writes. “You can happily wear them all day, shutting out the roar of public transport when you want to, and switching to transparency mode when you need to engage with the outside world. A good fit and water-resistant design makes them suitable for the gym as well. Perhaps most importantly, they sound great.”

Buy now from John Lewis

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