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Dyson humidifier arrives in the UK

Dyson Humidifier also gets the thumbs up from the Skin Health Alliance for its safety and effectiveness

Dyson has officially launched its first air humidifier in the UK, evolving its Air Multiplier technology and focusing on health and wellbeing for anyone suffering the winter blues. Previously only available in Japan, today marks the first time the Humidifier has made its way to Britain.

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Humidifiers haven’t proven as popular here in Britain as in hotter, drier countries, but a newly commissioned white paper released by the Skin Health Alliance suggests they could have real benefits, particularly in the colder months. The air gets drier in Winter, which can cause chapped lips and dehydrated skin, as well as leaving you more suceptible to viruses like cold and flu. Breathing dry air can also exacerbate underlying breathing problems for allergy sufferers. According to Dyson, the Humidifier can help prevent such problems.

The company has even got the approval of the Skin Health Alliance. “This is the first time the Skin Health Alliance has partnered with a globally recognized brand on a revolutionary new device offering people enhanced skin benefits by humidifying the environment around them,” a representative from the organisation said. “The SHA acts as a beacon to people who want reassurance that the products they use are safe and deliver the benefits they claim.”

The Dyson humidifier differs from competing models in the way it treats the water supply before turning it to vapour. Bacteria can grow in the tanks of humidifiers that don’t treat the water at all, while others don’t distribute humidified air evenly around the room. Dyson exposes every drop of water to ultraviolet light twice, which the company claims kills 99.9% of bacteria before it enters the air. The Humidifier won’t even start producing water vapour for the first three minutes after turning on, as it treats the water already in the tank. It then uses the same Air Multiplier technology found in the AM06 cooling fan to evently project clean, hydrated air around the room.

Using a piezoelectric transducer in the base of the humidifier, which vibrates at over 1.5 million times per second, water is broken down into microscopic particles before being pumped out into the room. A single tank of water should last for up to 18 hours, and uses barely any more power than the existing range of Dyson Cool bladeless fans. It also has a built-in climate control thermostat for measuring both temperature and moisture content, adjusting the output automatically (or via the remote which attaches magnetically to the top of the unit) for the most comfortable environment. 

We got the chance to put one through its paces at Dyson’s London office ahead of the launch, and walked away impressed. Stood several feet away, we could feel the difference between air only and humidified air, with the humidified air feeling more comfortable and refreshing.

The white paper has yet to go to peer review, and until we can sit one on our desk and give it a try over several weeks it’s impossible to say whether it makes any major differences to your skin. Whether it will be worth the high price, especially as we approach the summer months where dry air is less of an issue, also remains to be seen.

The Dyson Humidifier will be going on sale this week directly from the Dyson website, with prices starting at £499.99.

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